Thursday, May 17, 2012

Track and Field

I have been waiting years and years for my kids to have a Track and Field.  I always loved this day growing up.  It was like a day for the whole family.  Everyone got the day off school and every bodies parents showed up to watch.  Grade 7 and Cora finally got to have one.  She had to sign up for 4 events, I got to do everything growing up and it was more fun.  She did 100m, 200m, high jump, and shot put.
Cora was not impressed with Track and Field at all.  Not a whole lot of effort went in to this day.  She absolutely hated the high jump.  The look of relief when she was done was quite comical.

Some of her friends where trying to plan to run together.  I said no way this is serious stuff.  Cora just raised her eyebrows at me. She made it into the final heat for the 100 and 200 and was very disappointed.  I asked her if she was sure she was my daughter.:)
She did get some ribbons and much to her delight (haha) she is going to divisional in the high jump since she placed second.  If it would have been any of the other event, she may have had a grain of excitement, but not for high jump.
The principal thanked me three times for coming out and support my daughter.  When I told Dave that he asked how many other parents were there.  I was the only parent for the entire school.  We got great sunburns, it was a beautiful day.  Next week I am going to HillSpring to watch their Track and Field.  Kailey is going to try to beat my record that I still hold for the Grade 7 200m run.  I hope she gets it.  I think it would be fun to hand out the ribbons for that event.
Blake felt that he was absolutely going to die if he did not get this paper Titanic with book from Scholastic.  He had been really good the last couple of day, before he ordered defiantly not after.  So Dave and I decided to get it for him.  It came in while Dave was away.  He really, really wanted to do it with his dad and so he waited.  He would read the book every night before bed and as soon as Dave walked in the door he asked him to help.  Tuesday they finally got a chance to sit down and work on it a little.
I should have taken pictures of the process.  It really is neat and they did a great job.  Now hopefully Blake won't wreck it anytime soon.  He is bound and determined that it is a toy not a display no matter what we say.

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  1. Poor Cora having to go to divisionals in an event she doesn't like! She needs to stop being good at everything!