Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Made Me Laugh

Yesterday was Cora's New Beginnings, which again we were almost the only ones not in jeans. I really don't get why people can't dress up a little, but I digress. We decided because we were so close to just leave Blake and Leah home. As soon as we walked back in the door Blake came running up the stairs and said, "Leah and I did not have fun together. She killed me." I guess they had been playing on the DS together and he did not like the outcome.

Monday night I had 40 mins from the time Cora walked in the door from basketball until Leah walked out for basketball. In that time we had to eat, do dished, and have FHE. I had dinner right ready to go, we ate quick and just rinsed dished for later (remember my dishwasher is broken and I am washing by hand that takes time)then sat down for FHE. Cora picked 'Families Can be Together Forever' for an opening song and is was taking forever. I yelled, "double time!" We sang opening and closing this way and the kids thought it was hilarious but we made it. Blake gave us a short lesson and when I came back from dropping Leah off, Blake and Dave where doing my dishes for me. What great men I have in my life.

The other day I was buying almonds from the bulk section of the grocery store. On the outside of the bin there was a sign that read. "This product may contain nuts" Not does but may, I thought that super funny.


  1. I'm very surprised people weren't dressed up for a New Beginnings!! That's funny - the almonds "may" contain nuts - REALLY!

  2. Great post. Gave me a good laugh!!!
    I'm going to yell DOUBLE TIME in RS on dunday