Friday, February 3, 2012

Family Basketball

Yesterday Leah wanted me to come out and play basketball with her. I had just put dinner in the oven and had 20 mins till I got Cora from practice. So we went out and played. It was a lot of fun. I was thinking it would be fun to take the kids to the church sometime and play on a real court. She has a lot of potential and some good skills. We walked up and got Cora, then had dinner. After the kids went back out to play. Dave said, "it is crazy that is it is Feb 2 and our kids are out there in sweaters". I thought, Oh blog post" Dave went out and took pictures for me.

A few minutes later he came in and said, "Let's take the kids to the church to play ball." Seriously we often do that, think alike. That is just what we did. It was so much fun playing with the kids. Dave decided that if Blake hit the rim we were going to count it as a shot. He did make two in the net anyway.

I am really enjoying this age with my kids. Even though I seem to be busier than ever, even though we took them out of ballet and gynmastics. I can't even imagine my schedule then. They are all so much fun.

Jeremy just happened to show up at the end and he played the last 20 mins with us. Blake got a little offened and sat in the corner and cried because he thought we were not passing to him enough. Crazy kid! Every kid got hit in the face with the ball. I told them you get hurt in basketball, thats what happens. Shake it off and keep playing. I even sprained my pinky and was proud of it:)

It was a great night. Much better than watching a movie.
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  1. What a great night with your family! We've been saying we need to take the boys to the church so they can play with their Christmas toys (a remote control helicopter and RC car). Have a great weekend!