Monday, February 27, 2012

An Answer to Prayer

About mid December our car decided to call it quits. This was really not helpful since the week before Dave had bought new tires, and even thought it is old and not super pretty:) it is the best on gas. Dave had been driving his truck, which really is NOT good on gas, and been trying to figure out what is wrong with the car. Two weeks ago I was saying my prayer and just prayed that he would be able to figure it out so we could drive it again. Ten minutes later Dave walked in and said,'Hey I think I know what is wrong with the car.' Sure enough he fixed it. (If you are mechanically curious than ask Dave, I just understand enough to listen not to blog) But we have been having a little trouble with the starter. Yesterday I had early morning meetings. Which, on a side note, is the first time we have both not had them together since Leah was 2 1/2. People sometimes say to me that I can do certain things because my kids are older now. This is a true statement but it bugs me because they didn't see me doing it being pregnant, or with a new born, a 4 yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old while I was on crutches. I went to those meetings or ballet or whatever and sometimes had to stick my kids in a room when they were small and just hope for the best. I did do it. So don't look at my life now and think I have it easy. I am not complaining just realize there is more than you see there. OK sorry about that rant. Anyways so Dave brought the kids to church yesterday by himself. This is the first time he has had to do this. The car wouldn't start and he was a little upset. He said he did not want to be the guy that is late the first time he had to get the kids ready by himself. They were ready an hour before it was time to go. After trying a couple of times Dave said a prayer that it would start and it did. Someone did say something to him as he walked in 2 minutes late about how he couldn't handle the kids alone. I am surprised he didn't smack him. (That isn't Dave's way but he felt like it:) Most of the time I seem to wait a long time for the answer to my prayer. It was nice to get an instant result. I made sure to tell my kids right then.

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  1. It is so nice to get those spiritual boosts. I could see how that would annoy Dave - men can get the kids ready too!