Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shoveling Barley

I always have and always will be a farm girl. The other day when Dave asked me to go to the farm with him and shovel barley I was not too excited because I really had a lot of stuff that needed to be done. But Friday night we made final plans to go and I made arrangement for everything else. The farm I grew up on did cows and hay bales, so I have never had to shovel or move grain. This is dusty, itchy, constant things in the eyes work. It took us a couple hours to get everything in place and started. The augers really did not want to run yesterday. We started them over and over again. Then we took forever looking for things. We finally got ready just in time for lunch. I ran in and quickly fed the kids and washed our dishes then headed back out. Because I have never done this before, Dave had to tell me every step to do. But he only had to tell me once, after the first load was complete I was good to go for the rest of the day. I thought I broke the tractor once because I totally messed up the gear, but Dave fixed it. I have driven that tractor lots and have no idea what I did wrong. Our kids played good in Grandma's house all by themselves. We didn't even have a mess to clean up after. When we started we were looking for the new light weight shovel and could not find it anywhere. Dave ended up using the old very heavy shovel. We searched every building on the farm. Four hours after we took the first load Dave asked me to run and get something for him and as I walked in to the shop, hanging right in front of our face, was the shovel. I have no idea how we both missed it. Dave said, 'Man it has really been one of those days.' I really enjoyed the work even though I was freezing the whole time and for hours afterwards. I hope that they continue to do the grain farming along with the cows. It was great fun and our kids really enjoy it also. As I have said a hundred times, maybe someday I will get to move to the farm and have my kids working all the time. I really think there is no greater life style for a family.


  1. Jared has had many of those days when he can't find anything he is looking for! There is something though about being on the farm, even when things don't go right the peace of the country seems to make it all worth it!

  2. Char love catching up on your life looks like things are good! Great posts:)