Friday, February 17, 2012

Leah Wins!!!!

Leah's final basketball tournament was yesterday. At this level they don't have a real tournament. Every team place every team and every person gets a medal.

She had a great time and got a few baskets. Leah really enjoys playing and is one of the tall ones, which makes it nice for rebounds and such.

They had some interesting team names this year. Leah played for the Kool Aids the others were the Purple Pickles, Lemon Limes and Road Runners.:)

I got a call from the library Wednesday telling me that Leah had won the Passport to Literacy Day draw. Beginning the first of January the library had a little 'passport' that the kids could fill out. They had to do 5 of the things. There was cook a meal for your family, some countries they had to look up to find the capital, some books they had to know the main characters for, etc. Leah did way more than 5 because it was fun for her. Blake did a passport also. They then turned it in before Family Literacy Day. The library would then draw and get the winner.

She was the grand prize winner. WOW!! Leah got to choose between a $100 gift certificate to Chapters and an eReader from Kobo. After telling her the pros and cons of both she chose the eReader. I was amazed at this great prize. When I asked Leah what she thought she had won, she said a book maybe or just a sucker. Way better.
We are in the process of learning how to use and download it right now. But it sure looks fun and Leah can't wait to take it on holiday instead of a pile of books.
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  1. I agree alot easier than a pile of books, and a lot's better than just one book or a sucker. Although, Tucker would disagree, suckers are his favorite.

  2. Wow, that's awesome! She'll enjoy her ereader for sure. I'm glad she's enjoying basketball too. I'm not sure if much sports will be in our future or not.

  3. Yay Leah! My nephew won the e-reader in our community too! They look really neat, what a way to read a book though, I think I still prefer the old style, I like the sound of pages rubbing together when they are turned! We are really looking forward to skiing on Monday, I am so happy we can all go together! See you guys at the hill!

  4. I finally clued in that you have a new blog address!! So I'm catching up! I love my e-reader - bought it for traveling and it really saves the suitcase space. For us readers, it is just too hard to whittle the booklist down when you are going on vacation! She'll love it- good for her!