Sunday, February 5, 2012

Basketball Finals

I actually have lots of pictures but figured everyone was sick of fuzzy basketball pictures:) Cora had her final tournament this weekend. They did not do good at all. The team came in fourth. It was very disappointing since they had only lost one game the entire season. They don't play really good as a team. There are 3 girls that pretty much run the show. One that will not pass to anyone else but her two favorites, even if she is being covered by 3 players. And another one that is good but she can only go right, she will dribble all the way around the key to get to the right side. The team that we lost to in the end, they lost by 22 points. It took them about 5 minutes to realize how our players played. In the first game Friday night we were up about 20 and the rest of the team seemed to decided to make sure Cora made a basket. They tried over and over. The only basket she made all season, except in warm-up she did awesome then:), we missed because they started the game early and we were not there yet. In the final game one girl started having trouble and they stopped the game for about 5 minutes. Later they had an ambulance come for her. I have no idea what happened, I hope to find out somehow. Cora said something like she stopped breathing?? They all went out to dinner as a team afterwards and had a great time.

Someone once asked me what my favorite gift was. I answered that is was unexpected gifts. A couple of years ago my friend Christi gave me a magazine for my birthday. It was nothing big, but really big on thought. She knew I liked to read them and surprised me. This year I got two. Kita sent me a stack of cards. They were funny cards and she knew my stash was running low. That was really thoughtful. So if anyone get a great card this year you can thank her;) Also my friend Mandy gave me a pair of earrings. They are small white roses, and a little sparkly. Perfect for me. Again very unexpected and nice. Thank you to everyone for your thoughtfulness. I have loved it all.

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