Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's P.S.

I asked Cora to set the table last night and this is what she did. She has been wanting a mulit-course meal for months. We turned our simple meal into one for her. We just served everything seperatly. I loved that I didn't have to show her how to set the table or tell any of my kids how to use the flatware. They already knew. Even though Blake won't sit down always and Leah has a hard time chewing with her mouth closed, they do know how to set and use a properly set table.

Blake has been very concerned about Dave getting released from his church calling. He keeps asking how we are going to play basketball now that he turned in his keys. (I have never been given keys, I always just used Dave's). Priorities....Really:)
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  1. You better get your keys. I'd be concerned if I was Blake too. Cora did a great job setting the table (I have that same tablecloth). Did you get it as a wedding gift too - maybe it was from the same person, I don't remember who gave it to me.