Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day Ski Day

We all went skiing for Family Day today. I even went with them. Dave said I was a little 'snarky' in the morning. I was extremely tired and really did not want to ski. I wanted to sit in the lodge and read and drink hot chocolate. But once again I had fun once I was out there. I really should stop complaining, I enjoy being with my kids. We didn't stay on the green run to much this time. My kids are all getting too good for that. They far surpass my skill. Blake would take off and yell up the hill at me. 'You look like you are having trouble mom. I think I am a better skier than you.' This is true. 'It's OK mom you are doing really good, keep coming.' I was given shorter skies this round and I really think it made a difference. I didn't feel so out of control. Jared and Emry were there with us also. (Jared took Calum up a few times and Amber was in the lodge with Armin) My kids had fun skiing with their cousins. Emry was making us laugh by some of her comments. Dave and Jared took one run up to the top. I think that Dave was really excited that Jared was able to do that. I know he has really missed his ski companion. It was a perfect day. Not to cold but just below 0 so it wasn't slushy. We get back home around 6pm when we go and then I still have to make dinner. The kids are hungry and we have to put everything away. This time I was smart and made up sloppy joes. I cooked it Saturday then stuck it in the fridge. When we got home tonight I just heated and cut up some oranges. We were eating with in 10 minutes. Must remember this next time. We also saved our hot chocolate until the end of the day. This was nice to have a little warm up treat before we headed home. It was a fabulous day together as a family.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time skiing. I secretly miss it a little. I don't miss the actual skiing very much. But I miss hanging out in the ski lodge, being together and that most wonderful feeling of taking your ski boots off at the end of the day.