Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a Day..Actually Weekend

It all started Friday right after school. Each one of the kids had a friend over. It started out as just Cora and then escalated. It was a little crazy. I was trying to put away groceries, make lunch, separate meat, cook meat, and chop veggies for my soup Sunday. After a couple of hours Dave and I dropped the friends off and picked up Jeremy and Christi. We had gotten a certificate from Myrna for our anniversary to Firestone, so we actually had a night out. It was fun with Pierson's, we always have a great time with them. I renedt a movie for the kids to watch while we were gone. Men In Black. When we got home they were all standing at the back door crying because they were so scared. I remember the movie as funny but apparently I was wrong. Aren't I a great mom:) They only got about 15 minutes into it, we are going to try again today with us here. We will see how it goes. Saturday we got up early and packed lunch and tin foil dinners to go to Champion. Dave wanted to move some more barley. It was even colder than last time. I had bought some lined work gloves and wore LOTS of layers. We got the kids settled in Grandma's house. (The kids were again so great by themselves. They keep things clean and I never have to worry about them while I am out.) Dave and I got everything that we would need started and running for a few minutes. We then moved all the augers, tractors, and trucks into place. Dave had to turn off the auger to put on the belt and it would not start again. He tried everything that both of us could think of. Four hours we did this. He knew that it had something to do with the gas intake. It wasn't flowing in. Dave had to take it off and on a number of times, then he would suck on it to get it flowing. I think he had a lovely taste of gas a couple of time. There was gas all over the ground his gloves and boots. Then he decided to get the matches out. I said are you crazy???? We also tried the heat gun. I was sure we were going to have an explosion. Of course we didn't because Dave knows just what he is doing, even if I don't:) We did see a few mice and Dave just stepped on them to kill them. I finally just said, 'Today was the day that something like you chopping your hand off was going to happen and the Lord is protecting you." He was not please but finally gave up and we did other things. It was frustrating but sometimes that happens. We had dinner and chatted with Grandma briefly and went home. I was gather last minute things for Sunday and then went into my room. Dave was asleep with all his work clothes on, the kids sitting around him chatting. He was tired. Today Dave got released. We have a new bishopric and I think they are going to be great. We are looking forward to what is up next for him. But for now the kids are really excited to sit with their dad again in church. And hopefully a quiet evening. (Last time I said that we had the fire warning, hope this one is better:))


  1. My goodness, that sounded so dangerous with the gas and the auger. Thank goodness you told Davey to stop. I wish his dad was there to help him out.
    Nice that he is released, he will enjoy the break and I can imagine how much you will all love sitting together in church.

  2. My word that dose sound like a week end. I think when it rains it pours. It's always proven true for me that is.