Thursday, March 1, 2012

Frito Lay Tour

After almost 8 years of my husband being a manager at Frito Lay Canada I finally got a tour. Last night at dinner Dave said that he had to go back into work for a short meeting at 10 and did I want to go with him and have a tour. We have been trying to do this for years. A lot of our family members have been through but it just hasn't worked out for me. We put the kids to bed and headed in. It was absolutely fascinating. Dave once said that people seemed uninterested when they asked what he did, especially after coming out of the oil field. But this is very detailed, complicated work. It really was awesome. He took me right from the fresh corn coming in off rail cars, right into the building, to the packaged box at the end and back on the truck. I even got to package one box. So if anyone buys a multipack of small chips at Costco I could have made that for you:) I sat in on his meeting after. We only stayed for part of it. I loved watching him interact with his fellow workers and seeing how he is with them. He is really good at his job. I think it would have been very intimidating coming in. They use a lot of acronyms and it is so different from anything else. The vastness of the plant was nothing you could describe. Huge, huge, machines. Stories high sometimes. During the meeting this number came up that said Lethbridge made 3,200,000 bags of chips a week. And they ship 200+ trailers of finished product a week. Dave said Taber is slightly higher. Amazing. After we grabbed a hot chocolate and called it our date night.


  1. So I guess then it has been almost 8 years I've been waiting for a free bag of chips!! ha ha ;) Glad you had a fun impromptu date night.

  2. How fun for a date night. I think mom went once. there is a program on ether Discovery or History that will go into places like Frito Lay, and show the intire prosses. I have always like to watch it. It made me relize how much actually goes into these kind of things.