Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Storm Tournament

This weekend was Cora's tournament in Taber. She had a game Friday them two for sure Saturday. If she won then she would play again that night. She did really good. I think that having all those games in a row helped her and she is getting more playing time. She is excellent at clearing a lane for the shooter. Cora even took a couple shots this weekend. Although she didn't make any, she did try. She got a foal and felt awful about it. I told her I didn't want her to play dirty but I was glad she had that foal, it meant that she was finally getting aggressive. I was very proud of her. The team got first place, and really played well together.

I was worried about Blake sitting there all day. He makes it just past half way of her games and them he is done. I took lots of things for him and Leah to do. I had lunch and dinner just in case plus lots of snacks. Mom reminded me that there was a pool in Taber so I packed their swim stuff. They both did really good. Cora played her first game Saturday, then we had lunch and read some stories. After they played the second game and we knew we were staying we did go swimming. It was a great little pool. We had 4 hours. We got out early enough that we could all shower and eat dinner. I wanted to eat early so Cora wasn't running on a full stomache. It was a fun weekend. Dave went Friday but really needed to do some farm work Saturday. He felt really bad about missing the games but I have been happy that he has made it to as much as he has. He said, "I never thought I would enjoy watching junior high girl's basketball.":) Surprisingly I have really enjoyed it too, but it also really makes me want to play.

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