Thursday, January 12, 2012

40 Years Old

Dave turned 40. He didn't want to have a party at all. I said 'should we invite the families for dinner?' 'NO'. 'Do you want just parents?' 'No, and no surprise party'. Then after the accident last week he really didn't feel like anything but the kids decided he needed to do something. We didn't tell him anything until we were in the car. He had a certificate for Tony Romas's, so we all went there to dinner. Dave thoroughly enjoyed his prime rib. Next we went mini golfing. We then headed home for presents and cupcakes.






Myrna made it in time to have cupcakes with us and that was nice. It has become tradition to do his chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing with whipped cream inside. I love it when someone hasn't had one before and they get a little surprise:) I think he had a nice birthday, not a lot of fan fare but lots of phone calls and the card from Amber and Jared came right on his birthday. I love how that works out sometimes. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband, I counldn't ask or ever find a better man.
PS We had that 40 sign in the window all day. As soon as Dave got home he took it down, then he had to run out for 10 mins before we left and Cora stuck it back up. We were very proud, Dave was not:)
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  1. Sounds like Dave had a great birthday! I'm glad you went and did something fun as a family. How do you put whipped cream inside your cupcakes? - I think I need to try that!

  2. That sounds like a great 40th birthday! I love the big 4 & 0 signs

  3. Happy Birthday Davey Lane. Hope you had a great 40th. Was sorry to hear about the accident. Just know my thoughts and prayers are with you for your healing and mental attitude......just be strong and things will heal.
    Love, Aunt Sheila