Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Last Few Days

Friday night we got a call from the bishop and he told us that we actually had to get everything out of the church. Except the chairs. So instead of sleeping in on Saturday like I had planned all week, literally:), we got up and went into Safeway to get boxes. We then spent the next 2 hours cleaning out the church. There was lots of help and so it went quickly. There was a C-Can to put all the stuff in that we need when we come back and then on the other side there was a huge bin for garbage. There was quite a bit of stuff that people felt bad throwing away but were still in good condition. Dave made the executive decision to put it all in the middle part of the gym and people could take what they liked, if it was not gone after church today they would throw it. Surprisingly almost all of it was gone. After Jeremy took us to Fatburger. It was good, I would like to take the kids sometime, even though the name really did give me pause for a while. As we were headed home Dave said let's take the kids swimming tonight. I secretly loaded up their suits and we finally convinced them to get out of the house and come for a drive with us. They were highly confused when we pulled into the parking lot and they didn't have any swimming suits:) We had to threaten Blake to come in the deep end. He has swam there lots but had a scare last year during swimming lessons and wouldn't get back in. After many threats and talking we got him in, crying the whole time. He kept asking me for a life jacket and I told him no because I knew he could do it.I felt like a really mean mom but knew he would love it again if he would just get in. And he did. We talked him through swimming out a little bit then a little bit farther till he wanted to go clear across the pool himself. In the end he went off the high dive by himself. He said "This is way more fun then the swallow pool". No kidding! I was just working up enough nerve to go off the high board even standing in line, when they started calling for everyone to get out immediantly. We still had 20 minutes left. Apparently some one had thrown up in the shallow end. I was all for leaving, Dave thought I was crazy (not that we had a choice). He kept saying that is what chlorine is for. I know that but until you see it I can disillusion myself. He kept talking about all the thing that do happen in pool, by the end I told him if he kept talking I would probably never get in another pool again and so I wouldn't go swimming with him ever.
Today at Primary was interesting. Two of the presidency is in Mexico, we had lots of people gone, and we were trying to work with limited supplies since it is all pack up, and no tables. Our Nursery leaders had told us last week that they would not be there but they had a sub. Saturday when I got home the sub called and said that they couldn't make it they were sick and got phone number for a sub. Their sub got sick and she called a sub. This morning that sub was sick and so Dave announced during Sacrament meeting that if anyone could please fill in it would be appreciated. We had some that did and I was sooooo grateful. Then we loaded the last of our stuff in to the Tahoe and took it to what the kids and I have started calling the temp church.
(Sorry that was really long)

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