Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Once Man's Junk.....

Our church building is going to be renovated. Tuesday we went to the church to move what we would need for the next couple of month over to another building we will be using. As we (Primary, YM, YW, and Bishopric) were going through the building we found a LOT of old useless stuff. Dave designated part of the gym between dividers to be the 'garbage'. Blake was there with two other young boys. These three took that stuff and had a blast. Christi had her phone there and Camryn took pictures. I was standing right beside Christi and saw her email them to me but for some reason they didn't come through. I don't know what happened. They had big cut out animals painted on one side, must have been for a nativity, and cardboard shields and breastplates. Black plastic hats with purple trim. Blake and Joey put on the breastplates, shields and hat. Found swords and sat on an animal to have jousting tournaments. Leah and Stella where dancing with 6 foot cut out boys and girls. Lots of big hearts and candy canes. Cora brought home a huge 4 and 0 to put in our window for Dave's birthday today. She also got a really cool retro lunchbox. Monday Dave and I had been at Canadian Tire and they were having a sale on hand turned apple peelers. I said this would be a cool things to have but you would only use it maybe once a year, so not really worth it. The church had 8 and a box full of pie tins. (I guess Picture Butte used to make pies and sale them for a fund raiser) The bishop decided to get rid of them so Dave grabbed a peeler and a huge pile of pie plates for me. It was a little crazy to see what the Activity Day girls walked out with, I am sure there mom's were very pleased when they got home. We did get some stuff moved however and everyone had a great time.

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  1. Sounds like the kids had fun! I sometimes wonder why we spend money on toys when they can have the most fun with junk. Happy "40th" to Dave today! Love you guys.