Monday, January 2, 2012

Finally a Ski Day!!!

We finally made it to the ski hill today. And really my kids are awesome at skiing. I didn't go skiing this time, I stayed in the lodge. I would go out and take pictures. A couple times Blake would be coming down all by himself, Dave said that he would just take off. They were not easy runs either. I was so proud of them. I knew the girls were great we usually send them by their selves. But Blake amazed me. All my kids really are leaps and bounds better than me. I should go more often, but the thought of uncontrollable speed freaks me out. I do go once a year. It was 3 above today and the sun was out. It was glorious. Dave and Leah were free because of their passes and we didn't have to rent anything. It was way cheaper than usual. I did forget to bring hot chocolate.:( I will make sure I do that next time.











Wow that was a lot of pictures but isn't my family superb!!!!
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