Monday, January 9, 2012

My Thoughtful Cora


I found this picture puzzle behind my dresser the other day when I took out a drawer to look for my lip gloss. It was in a sealed envelop so I know I hadn't seen it before. It was from Cora for Mother's Day 2009. She had written a poem on the back that was fun to read. It was a really cool surprise. She doesn't remember doing it and we have no idea how it got behind the dresser. We don't know how she got the pictures, we assume it was an Activity Day project.
About 9 months ago I was talking to Kita and found out that her kids don't have sleep overs, just late nights. This really seemed like something that I needed to apply to my kids also. They weren't allowed to have sleep overs until they were 10 anyways so Cora was the only one affected. She has taken the opportunity at least once a week to try to change my mind. She was bugging me so bad that I finally told her that if she didn't stop bringing it up I wouldn't let her have cousin sleep overs either. She didn't say anything for about two weeks then I found this note on my pillow one night.

Let me tell you why I want sleep overs so bad. I've never told you why. When I picture a lot of girls laughing or having fun I picture it at a sleepover. Girl's time with no parents, brothers, and sisters or any people to bother them. They laugh and play around and talk about their lastest crush or the new hot guy in the school or gossiping. They laugh and laugh until it's dark enough to get in bed. Thats when you laugh and tell ghost stories or share your deepest secrets. Then they have a tickle fight or pillow fight.(I said they because I can't) Then they all start to yawn and fall asleep. Now this may sound like a bedtime story but I have the wonderful sensation of having that at a sleep over (with no parents saying be asleep at this time, go home as soon as you wake up or 10:00 in the morning) Then when all the girls wake up they talk and laugh and eat a nice meal of pancakes/belgium waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. Then they play games only NOT till 10:00am. They remember that fun and exciting bond between them - forever - remembering what they shared that night. Just the girls.
PS No one in the class is hot so I would have no one to talk about.

I thought that was really well written and super funny. Certianly has a flare for the dramatic, but still no sleep overs:(
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  1. Oh my goodness - how cute is she!! I love her letter why she wants to have a sleepover. "the new hot guy" - oh my she is growing up. Love you guys! Thanks for the giggle this morning! I have a feeling her dream of how a sleepover would be is way better than the reality!

  2. I spent about half an hour catching up on your blog!! I forgot you had changed your address until I emailed you this morning! I really enjoy reading your posts! Cora is such a sweet heart, I loved her thoughts of a sleepover, and I tend to agree with Lalainia that I think she would be disappointed with how it really turns out! I also enjoyed your new year's resolutions, I keep putting mine off saying I will start once we are in our house, but since it has been over three years and we still aren't in it I should probably just bite the bullet and start! Have a great week!