Friday, January 27, 2012

Awesome Me :)

I decided that this year I would make a list of things I am good at. Yeah, build up my own self confidence:) I probably won't get 35 of them but here goes.
1. Sarcastic comments
2. Giving my un-asked-for opinion
3. Making my bed
4. Turning off lights
5. Shutting cupboard doors
6. Reducing Leah to tears - all I have to do is ask/remind her to do something (make bed, set table, etc) and it works every time. Gosh I am a mean mom
7. Sitting down to read a fantastic book instead of mopping my floor.
8. I make an awesome pie crust. I can't even be humble about that, but I did learn from the master. Beth Olsen
9. I personally think I am a great cook. But I hope everyone thinks they are, it would be hard to not like your own cooking. Although I would probably be skinnier then.
10. Putting off weeding the garden.
11. Vacuuming
12. Getting my kids to dust for me
13. Going for walks with Dave
14. Doing dishes
15. Blog stalking
16. Drawing stick figures
17. Making deals with my kids
18. Being Honest (this is from Cora, she says sometimes I am a little too honest)
19. Being Dependable
20. Writing checks and making cupcakes/cookies for the school
21. Copying cupcakes and cake. I am not creative or inventive but I can copy almost any picture you give me.
22. Running my kids to all their activities.
23. Setting a table. It really shouldn't be such a pet peeve when people set it wrong, but really how hard can it be.
24. Sending birthday cards.

I asked each of my family member what they thought I was good at and this is what they said.
Dave - You are the best mom
Cora - You are good at putting little notes in our lunches and spending time with your kids.
Leah - You are good at drinking water. You never drink anything else
Blake - You always make us a lunch.
See aren't I amazing. :) I am good at so many things.


  1. I looove Leah's comment that you are good at drinking water! Great list - but you forgot being organized, and being the best sister in law. Happy Birthday Char - I hope you have a great day!

  2. Good list! How fun! You forgot a few things. You're good at finishing races, finding the cutest shoes, sewing, smiling, laughing, not caring what other people think of you.

  3. …collecting recipes, giving credit where credit is due, spending quality time with your children, hosting parties, not chewing on pens, planning family vacations, making lunches for your husband, making chocolates, having your own unique fashion sense, sharing your baking.… I could go on all day! Have a great day!!

  4. I thought of some more: You're good at playing basketball, looking great without makeup, keeping your blog up to date, never speeding, and forgiving your friends when they forget your birthday!! Luv ya!