Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Great Moments this Year

I have had a great birthday.  Cora is off for finals. We did some grocery shopping and ordered doors. Then we went to lunch together.  Earl's chicken tender with house salad and their home made ranch is my favorite.  Dave doesn't like Earl's so we never go.  I decided today was my birthday so we were going to go.  It was delicious.  Dave has high council tonight, but the girls made him dinner as I was picking up Blake and we are going to watch a movie.  I have had many birthday wishes from family and friends.  It's been lovely.  I couldn't decide what my list should be this year.  This morning when my mom called and I was talking to her, she suggested this idea.  I thought it was perfect. So.....

39 Great Moments This Year
1.  The first night spent in our new house
2.  Christmas at home with not much going on was perfect
3.  Cora getting her drivers license
4.  Getting out on the boat after years of not doing it
5.  Working with my kids building fences
6.  Picking up my Dad from the hospital after his heart attack.  It was fun to spend that tiny bit of time with with my parents.  Even tho it was not the best of situations.
7.  Blake driving the tractor to feed cows.  He was so proud
8.  Watching Blake and Dave build the Kub Kar together
9.  Watching the wood floor go in
10. Seeing my kids interact with their friends at school
11. The awesome school pictures I got of the kids this year
12. We actually had a fall this year.   Not just two days.  My ideal perfect season.
13. I had one YW that it seemed I could do nothing to inspire her to work on her Personal Progress.  Just before she graduated she came to me and told me she had completed the entire thing.
14. Leah making an effort herself to study and get good grades.  She is acing it.
15. Listening to Blake's do a spur of the moment talk in Primary.
16. First time vacuuming my new carpet.
17. Turning on our water and having no leaks in the plumbing
18. When the kids played hide and seek and we had no walls
19. Basketball
20. Spending time with Blake as we sat through many tournaments
21. Being surprised with my Bosch from Myrna
22. Listening to Leah's piano duet at the ward Christmas party.  It was amazing.
23. Helping Dave tag some new baby calves
24. When Cora raked by herself first time.  She got the worst part of the field with all the bumps and the transmission in the tractor was not working.  Still she totally nailed it.
25. Every rare  moment I get to sit and read.
26.  Family Nerf Wars
27. When my parents surprised me with my newly painted table and chairs
28. Doing the egg art with the kids
29. Learning that Leah loved using the drill.  We could get her to do all sorts of work after, as long as it involved the drill.
30.  Our first sun downer
31. The few short days I was with my sisters this year.
32. Going to Idaho and not having anything broke or  broken :)
33. Being with Cora when she got her patriarchal blessing
34. The walks with Dave
35. Cora and Leah coming in the door after basketball singing, laughing, and quoting movies.
36. Listening to the kids harmonize as Dave played his guitar
37. When the girls finally unpacked their last box
38. Every sunrise I see out my bedroom window
39. Every moment I get to spend with Dave and the kids. Sometimes we are home so little is seems rare, but I treasure each and every moment.  I love my family to bits.

This has probably been the easiest list so far.  There were many, many great moments.  I could have made a list several pages long.  To another great year.


  1. Great list Char!!! Another great year for you guys!!!