Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015

It was a fabulous Christmas break for us all.  Monday the 21st I had woken up early and so started packing boxes.  My kids were not so impressed since it was the first day of their Christmas break and they wanted to sleep.  By about 11 I figured we were going to be able to have almost all things moved that day and spend our first night in our new house.  (Yes pictures will be coming, I am still having issues uploading them)  It was really neat to be in our house.  Over the next few days we got the last of our stuff and sorted out rooms.  We only have one toilet in, and there is a sheet over the door opening.  Dave has been busy building temporary shelving for everything.  We still have a lot to do, but it is great being here.  Since we had moved so late, I had decided not to decorate for Christmas at all.  Dave thought we really needed a tree, so he grabbed one one day when he was in town.  I'm glad he did.  It made a big difference.  Christmas eve we had our appetizer dinner, watched our traditional movie "A Christmas Story", read the Christmas story from the Bible and set  out our stockings, and opened our pajamas.

 After the kids went to bed, Dave and I set up the tree.  Christmas morning they where so surprised.  It was the perfect Christmas.  I was really proud of the job I did down scaling.  I found 3 awesome gift for each of them and spent less than a $100 on each kid.  Presents and stocking included.  For Dave I got him hanging guitar holders.

 I have been wanting those for a few years now.  My nephew Brock had them in his room.  Dave has pulled out his guitars so much the past two weeks since they are just right at hand for him.  And I don't have to vacuum around the stands on the ground.  We did get a TV for Christmas also.  We had one big family gift.  Instead of wrapping it, I sent them on a scavenger hung to find it.

 After presents Dave cooked up bacon and we did french toast.  The kids and I played some board games as Dave hung the new TV and guitar holders.  He was joking that for Dads Christmas is a work day putting together all the new stuff.  We watched a movie and then ate salmon and baby potatoes.  More games and fun time together. We have had no Internet for a couple of weeks. While I have felt a little disconnected, it has been fun.  Leah has spent literally hours playing the piano, flute and ukulele. She has taught herself many songs over the break.  Many board games and fun going on.  One day Blake wanted to go sledding so bad, he made himself a sled out of left over cardboard and tuck tape.  Dave pulled him around for a while.  It's still standing.  :)  The rest of the week was relaxing and fun.  Dave worked on the house, kids played and organized rooms.  We all hung out peacefully and wonderfully.  One day my parents came up and spent a few hours. I had to practically tie them down to stay for lunch.  I love when Dave has time off work and we all get to hang out.

Blake's sled.

Cora being the Joker during cards.
Flying Blake's new helicopter.

Finding beloved toys while unpacking.

Ward Christmas Party

Red and Green Day at school.  Leah packed 3 outfits this day. Red and Green for spirit day at school.  She changed into a dress for the game after school.  Then after the game into the jeans she needed for the song they were doing at the Ward Party.

Our awesome youth performance at the Ward Party.


  1. Happy to hear you were in your new house for Christmas Charmaine and Davey. How exciting for all of you. All the best in the new year. Love, Aunt Sheila

  2. What a special Christmas it was for you guys!!!!