Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Separating Cows

Last Saturday we separated the cows and calves.  There are some BIG calves this year.  It was a cold day, but worked well with the girls schedule.  They didn't play till later in the afternoon.  Our family was a bit late to the start.  Dave was trying to get the last of some tile done before our kitchen people came.  We ran over quick to help bring the cows in after Jared,Amber, and Emry had started.  We would get a batch then Jared would separate them out and yell in or out.  Blake and I then relayed the message to Dave who was controlling the fence.  Cora and Amber made sure none ran around the corner.  I thought it went smooth this year.  We had no fence jumping going on.  Leah helped for the first while but then made the mistake of sitting down.  It was too cold, you had to keep moving.  So she ended up going to Emry's house for a few minutes then I had her run go get the camera.  She took a very very long time at this task and almost missed it.

Dave manning the gate.

Cool shot by Leah.

Jared getting the last two.

Each family then went to their house for a quick bite of lunch.  Then back to separate heifers and steers.  I guess we didn't have enough bands, so Amber made a flying trip to grab some.

Some of steers took three hands to get the band on.  It was crazy. Leah and Blake did a good job keeping the cows moving.  Emry joined and helped after Cora had put her camera away.  Pictures for me was a last minute thought, so make sure to check out Amber's.  She will probably have better ones.  

Keeping the cows moving.

Jared got a picture of Blake's and sent it to Dave.  He is so woolly. (Or furry, or fuzzy, whichever you prefer.)

As the day wore on, Cora and Leah needed to leave for their game. Emry and Blake went in again for a few minutes to warm up then back out to help.  Once we were all done, we walked a sick cow in and gave it some antibiotics.  Unfortunately the poor thing didn't make it.  It was a good full day.  We didn't make it to the dump as hoped, but the girls did drive safe on the icy roads.  I was worried.  They placed second.  We had a fun time working together and didn't totally freeze.  :)  Hot chocolate was a wonderful thing.


  1. It always turns out to be the coldest day when you guys have to do this. Looks like the kids were troopers and stuck with it.

  2. Great pictures Char!!! I didn't get any when they were in the shoot and squeeze!!!! I'm slowly getting to updating my blog!!!!!