Monday, January 25, 2016

17 years

Wednesday I was filling our many forms for Leah's upcoming trip to San Diego.  As I was writing the date over and over again I realized that Friday was our anniversary.  I called out to Dave, "Hey our anniversary is Friday"  I really had completely forgotten.  He asked me what we were going to do.  I laughed and said that I would be at a basketball tournament and he would be picking up Blake from a friends house.  That is how we spent our celebration day.  He did not even get dinner from me.  When I arrived home at 10:30, Dave had left a card for me on the counter.  He had spent the evening fixing fences, then grabbing Blake.  He said it was quite warm and peaceful out.  We watched one quick TV episode and went to bed.  Happy Anniversary to us.  Dave joked that at least for our 15th we went to the dump together.  We don't seem to be improving.  Oh well, I don't need a big night out to tell me how great the last 17 years have been. :)  

The girl have finals and midterms this week.  They have been up late studying almost every night. (Notice my cool white elephant on the piano?  Amber gave that to me just before Christmas as a house warming gift.  It will go great with all my Africa stuff once I finally put it up.)
Saturday Dave took Blake and went to the dump.  Finally!!  It was quite the load.  I think perhaps we should go a little more often.

The girls and I went back to play another game.  Final game Leah won all-star.  I thought it was cool that Cora had won all-star when she was in Grade 8 at the same tournament.  She still had her shirt.

Leah and Cora have math exams today.  Cora saved her math sock for the exam.  She thought it was appropriate.:)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! It's amazing how quickly the time flies, 17 years!!!! Wow! I love how Cora saved her math socks for her math exam!!!! Smart girl!!!!

  2. I am going to comment on a lot of your posts in this on post because I have been MIA for a while just got caught up. Fist of all Love your house my favorite is the wood floor and the pantry. I have to say I am jealous. a late Happy birthday to Dave. Mom and Grandma told me about your niece and her mission call Congrats to her. Another congrats to you and Dave on your 17 years. Thanks for updating I very much enjoy haveing some contact with you and your family.