Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Preg Testing and the Weekend

Preg Testing this year went well.  Jared had spent many hours before hand making some improvements to the corrals and they worked great. Shockingly it was not freezing out.  Technically it was below 0 so I guess it was 'freezing' but just below so it was perfect.  We were not sloshing around in mud and not hating being so cold.  It was fun to be there. Last year Cora and I missed it because of a tournament.  We only had a few open. Cora's cow was pregnant.  YAY!!  And a few we culled out.  They have bad attitudes.  :)  The kids helped bring cows up and kept them moving.  It was really fun to work together.  I love days when we all get to work together and can see a good end result.  After Amber had invited us for lunch.  A yummy hamburger soup.  We were all done by noon.  After we came home and got some things done on the house and got Leah ready to go on her marine biology trip.  Sunday we had all the Smith's up for dinner.  Cannon and Nicole gave us a great book of all the trails in our area.  We have enjoyed going through that.  (On my birthday I got a surprise package in the mail.  I love getting things in the mail.  Kita had sent me a whole wack of dish clothes.  They are the perfect color and really great clothes.)  Mom brought a cake for us to celebrate Jillian's birthday.

 Monday morning Leah and I got up at 4:15.

  She got ready quickly and I dropped her off at Jackson's for the ride to the airport.  The junior high kids were flying to San Diego for their marine biology trip.  I have been pretty nervous about this trip.  I found a site where I could track her flight, and someone had put up a picture of the group right before they boarded.  Also one of the teachers is giving us daily updates.  This has all helped to ease my mind.  Sounds like they are having a wonderful time so far.  I can't wait to see her Friday. Monday the other kids were off school.  We got a few chores done and hung out.  After dinner Dave was determined to get the tile done.  Then Cora wanted to show him the song she had been practicing all day.  This lead to a few hours of playing together.  It was so fun to listen.  Dave was enjoying it a lot.  He kept saying one more song...just one more.  At nine it was time to get everyone to bed.  I know things need to get done around here, but I love that Dave loves his kids and is so proud of what they accomplish.

My parents had brought up their quilting frames for me to borrow.  As Cora and Dave were jammin',I was trying to get this quilt off.  Blake was so bored that I talked him into helping me.  He wanted to make sure everyone knew he was really bored, that is the only reason he was doing girl stuff.
He only did about 8, but it was fun while it lasted.  I'm hoping to get the girls bed spreads and pillows all finished before Leah returns.


  1. What a fun book to have. I have always like history and to have some on your own stomping grounds just sweetens the pot. I am with you I would have had the nerves a going sending a child on a trip like that, but it sounds like all is well. I am glad that your kids have learned how to play a instrument. It seems like that kind of thing isn't as important as it use to be. Being in a presidency it is hard to find some one who can play a piano. Love the quilt. Love Gray and purple together.