Saturday, January 9, 2016

Abby's Call

A big congratulations to Abby for getting her mission call.  She is the third to go and the first Sister.  She is to report to the MTC May 4.  No one won this time, although I do have two claims.  So first all guesses.
Cora -  New York/Manhattan, Switzerland
Leah - New York, Chili
Blake - Quebec, France (I guess he really thought she should learn French)
Dave - Maryland
Justin - Iceland (That is just cruel)
Steve - Honolulu
Mckay - Armenia
Levi - Washington DC, Pennslvania
Mom - Hawaii Visitor Center, Nova Scotia
Dad - Salt Lake Visitor Center, England
(I thought the rest of these where funny,  Apparently my family is either lazy or really like double letters)
Char - Indiana, Ireland
Natalie - Germany, Georgia
Ryan - Canada, Colorado
Kita - Florida, France
Taylor - Baltimore, Boston, and Toronto (Guess Tay can not count :)
And for my favorite guess
Kailey - Billings MT and Madagascar.  Talk about two big extremes.
And she is going to....New Zealand, Hamilton Temple Visitor Center!!!!!
Congrats, you will be awesome.
(Mom and Dad both claim a win since they said visitor center, mom is sure it is her since she is closer.)
Good guesses everyone.

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  1. Kailey- Madagascar or Billings Montana… (She mentions that in the video) haha