Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our House

As is obvious from the last few post, I am having problems with pictures.  Sorry, they are not the best at all.  But for all that have patiently been waiting, oh that is no one sorry, for those that have impatiently waited here a few pictures of our house.  First a side note:  When I married Dave I knew we would one day move back to his family farm.  In some ways it came sooner than we thought and in other is was later than we thought.  But as we have been here the last year and a half I can see blessing of having the Lord have us come when he did.  Since I knew it was going to happen, I have been collecting pictures from magazines, going to show homes and making notes, noting things I liked in classic movies, and looking online at many layouts for farm houses for 14 years.  When we meet with the architect for the first time I handed him a big folder.  I can walk through my house and tell you what every inch will eventually look like.  I won't because I want people to view it done rather than me telling you.  Not much of my style or wants have changed, even with Pinterest coming along. :) Some have been hard to still find and some I think are classic. We also feel extremely blessed that the first homes we lived in we found at low prices and sold well so we could build up equity. We have given up things to save for this as well. We are so happy that all the years of planning, saving, and waiting have helped us to build the home we dreamed of.  That being said the next few months or years I will have better pictures as each room comes together.  Or you can just come visit me.  :)
Front view

Front door.  Off to the left of picture is Dave's office and right is entry and stairs going up.  And the ones you can see going down.

Looking out of Dave's office.  I love my wood floor.  Dave was sure I would never find it.  Let me tell you I search long and hard for that.

Kitchen.  Where the microwave is closes.  We just don't have the handles put on yet.  I love the touch of bead board. Next to the open cupboard out of sight is the fridge then the door to my pantry.  The pantry runs the whole length behind the wall.  Next to pantry door is opening for my downstairs laundry room and the mudroom to garage. Oh and small bathroom.

Pantry.  Another thing I love.

Looking from kitchen to open eating and front room.

Front room.

Two things I did get from Pinterest.  I was so excited to organize my spices in these tiny mason jars. and I made my own bath mat out of scraps I had and a towel.  Gives it some color.

I was trying to wait for a day my kids had clean room, but lets face it, it is not going to happen.  Here is Blake's.

The girls. Yes Leah hardly makes her bed.  This will be a little better when we get some more storage places for them.  They have a regular closet then a small walk-in and a window set on the right.

Different view of kitchen.  I have had several people ask if we brought our fridge from old house.  No, it is just very hard to find a freezer on the top and an ice maker not in the door.  I really really don't like freezers on the bottom.  It was obvious I am the only one by how many I found.

Basement where the wood stove will go.  So there is a bit for you all.


  1. Char I love it!!!! Now time for the house warming party right? :P Looking great! and I love your floors! and the red chairs! :)

  2. It really is a dream home!!! Beautiful!!

  3. It is just beautiful Davey and Char. What a wonderful job you have done. Davey's dad would be so proud of him. Love all your finishing touches. So creative of you Char, to keep a book of things you wanted. Enjoy and it is just gorgeous.