Friday, January 15, 2016

Playin' Ball

January is full of basketball games.  The girls has a game every Tuesday and Thursday this month and a tournament every weekend.  Leah has been doing well.  She is fast, so even tho she is also tall they have put her as a wing.  Sometimes Leah will be put in as a post if they are up against a tall girl that can jump.
It has been fun for Cora and Leah to go up to practice together and hang out.  Cora is enjoying coaching.  Of course she would rather be playing, but is having fun.  They will drive to practice and grab the mail on the way home.  It's fantastic.  They always come in the house after practice singing and laughing.  I love that they have each other.

At last weekends tournament they placed second.

Cora was schedules to ref a few games during the last tournament.  At one point a ref didn't show.  Cora changed into her shorts and reffed the first half, the sat down and coached the second half when ref showed up.  She LOVED it.

Cora is a lot more confident in her reffing this year and did great against a vocal coach.  She held her own.

This past week Cora also did her first solo coach job.  I sat on the bench with her and did the stats.  I'm good at that:)  She has to have and adult with her for liability, but she did great.  Cora is doing the tournament this weekend and next plus next Tuesday also.

I have just been asked to get a few girls together and coach for a high school tournament in Feb.  We only have three weeks to get ready.  We need to find at least 6, hopefully 7 girls.  Cora is so excited to play.  I hope we can pull it off.  It has been foggy for weeks as we have been driving back and forth.  At first it was like a cozy little blanket wrapped around us.  But after endless days and almost hitting a train, I was so glad when it finally lifted.  But on the plus side in the spots the fog was thinner and you could see a bit everything was so frosted and  beautiful.  Cora kept sending my pictures each day.


  1. I love the frost, it's so pretty!!! It's been fun to watch some basketball, I'm happy Leah gets to play!!!!!

  2. GO cora! Coaching already and reffing! How fantastic!