Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ringing in the New Year

New Years Eve we went out to my parents house in the afternoon.  Smith's had gotten in the night before and Bevans' were leaving the next day.  We had only a few short hours together.  Mom had made us all lunch.  We really didn't do much.  Ate, chatted, a few games.  It was perfect.  Blake finally got to go sledding.  Levi pulled him behind the four wheeler.  They then played outside for a bit sliding down the hills. 

We then loaded up our kids and headed back home.  Quick stop to grab our food and presents' then over to the Puzey's.  Atwood were right behind us, everyone else was already there.  Again relaxing hang out and then finger food.  I love finger food/appetizer meals.  It was all really good.  Our kids were really tired, so about 10:30 we came back to our house. The younger kids all had a little Martenelli at grandmas before we left.  Natalie had found the perfect little glasses for me.  They are tiny mason jars.  We used them to ring in the New Year.

 Then the kids wanted to watch one 'Corner Gas' episode.  Well of course it was two and by the time we were all ready for bed it was 4 minutes to midnight.  We waited and rang New Year in for the third time.  We had wanted to see the fireworks in town, but missed them.  The next morning Cora and I went for a run.  I had missed signing up for the Resolution Run and was determined to do it on my own anyways.  Dave took us a few miles away from the house and dropped us off.  He kept making sure we were going to stay together and asked me if I had my phone, which I didn't.  Why would I run with my phone???  He insisted that he was worried about us slipping or something.  Later when we were home safe and and sound he informed us that he had talked to a neighbor that morning that was out hunting coyotes that went through his yard.  Dave knew that would freak me out and I wouldn't go.  So he just kept checking on us and didn't tell me.  He tells me over and over that they would not attack me, but when you hear them in the night howling in a pack, it is very nerve racking.  Anyways we made it.  A quick house clean and showers then back to the party next door.  Cousins exchanged gifts and got them from Grandma.  My kids loved everything they got. Then we got stockings from Myrna.  Always good stuff in that for sure.  Kids played, put together Lego, some played ping pong.  We had another nice meal and just hung out.  Later there was a little concert.  My three kids sang as Dave played the guitar.  They did well for remembering the day before hand.  :)  Things started to wind down.  Blake was anxious to go home to put his Lego from grandma together.  When we got back he got right into it.  Such a cool one, he loves it.  Girls watched a movie, I read, and Dave did a little work on shelves then sat with his girls.  A wonderful day.  Saturday since we hadn't really done much for the holiday except unpack we took the kids to see Spectre.  It was pretty good.  We don't usually get popcorn at the theater, but it smelled extra good that night as we were fasting.  It was a good wrap up to a great Christmas break.

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