Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sunday superb.

We had a great day last week. Dave and I both spoke in church.  Me in our home ward and Dave on assignment in another. He took Jared with him. He really enjoyed spending that time with his brother and said he was very proud to be with him. Because of travel and choir we ate a little later.  Our meal was fabulous. Some old favorites we haven't had forever. While we were waiting for the chicken to cook we played a game. Now everyone knows how Dave feels about games. But I had seen this on pinterest a few months back and really wanted to play it. Finally got the kids to do it while we were preparing talks the night before. It was so fun Dave wanted to play. Shocker! !

 It is basically like telephone, except on paper. Each person has a piece of paper and writes a simple sentence on the top. Then you pass it. Next draws a picture of what the sentence is. Fold over sentence and pass. Next person writes sentence of picture fold picture and passes. Continue to bottom of paper. It was hilarious. We went through a lot of paper. After the game we ate and did dishes. We then watched 'It's a Wonderful Life'.  Kids were not to excited,  but I told them it was a Christmas classic and we were watching it. All but Blake loved it. Then we popped popcorn and made hot chocolate with all the trimmings. Whipped cream, candy canes, flavors, etc.

 Our stake president has challenged us all to read the Book of Mormon by stake conference. Which is third week in April. We got our books out, sat down with our snacks and read for an hour and a half. Then off to bed. It was a wonderful day.

PS.  Computer is being stupid. Posts will be delayed and pictures added later. It annoying me. I have concerts and games and crazy outfit to blog about. It will all come later. Doing this on my phone makes it hard to check spelling also.


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  2. We have played that game Charmaine. It is hilarious when you get to the end. Fun night for you all. Have a wonderful christmas together, and look forward to being in your lovely new home soon. Love, Aunt Sheila

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! A game I will have to try when the kids are older. Hot chocolate sound delicious right now!!