Thursday, September 27, 2012

Terry Fox Run

This year for the Terry Fox run I was not able to run with my kids.  I stood on the corner and got a quick picture before going to work.  They all looked like they were having a great time.  This year they did something different.  They each filled out a giant sticker and said who they were running for.  Then stuck in on their shirt/pants as they were running.  I was in a hurry to get my pictures and didn't even notice them until Leah.  She was the last one through.  My sweet thoughtful girl ran for my cousin that we just fasted for.  I can't wait to see who Blake and Cora ran for.  I am betting Grandpa Puzey.

I actually enjoy turning on the camera and seeing what Cora has been up to.  Don't ever tell her that or else instead of 15 pictures I would have 50.  These are her latest.  I think she likes close-ups:)

This is our candy sushi that she took a picture of.  It was really yummy and they kids thought it was cool.  It has been so long since I made it that nobody remembered.

Dave said he wanted to eat peaches until he was sick of them.  Last week I ordered a box just to eat.  We have been trying all sorts of different peach recipes.  My favorite is still fresh peach pie and Dave could probably eat peaches and cream every night.  Last night was another big hit.  Frozen Peach Yogurt.  So simple and unbelievably good.

Frozen Peach Yogurt
3 C Peeled, pitted cubed peaches
1/4 C honey
2 1/2 C Greek Yogurt
In blender blend peaches until smooth.  Add honey and yogurt.  Blend again till smooth.  Put in ice cream maker.
That is it!!

Dave thought it should be a little sweeter, but Cora and I LOVED it. I can't wait to try this with strawberries or raspberries or maybe....anything.  I seriously considered having this for breakfast.  That is OK right??  It is yogurt and fruit.  Go and try it right now:)


  1. Great post today! Love Cora's pictures - you have a budding photographer in the making. How do you make your candy sushi? - that looks yummy! I need to hassle my hubby for an ice cream maker that peach icecream looks delicious!

  2. Candy Sushi is a swedish fish wrapped in rice krispy square wrapped in fruit roll up.
    A PS to all:
    Cora ran for Grandpa, Ashley, Aunt Joyce and Uncle STeve.
    Blake ran for: Grandpa and Uncle Steve.

  3. That is so sweet!! It makes me so happy that they still think of Steve.

  4. loved the lady bug, cool picture!!!!
    And great sushi, you are such a fun mom