Saturday, September 15, 2012

What a day

One of my kid's favorite meals.  We had this the first day of school.  Panko chicken and homemade french fries.  Yum Yum.

Last night the girls and I had a spa night.  We smothered our hair in coconut oil, I did a sour cream face mask, while Cora and Leah did a salt and baking soda mask for their black heads.  Our hair was so smooth and soft after.  And the mask for the girls worked great.  Almost all blackheads gone.  I will defiantly do both of those again.
It stared out that we were supposed to have a relatively quite day.  Dave was going to the farm and I had a baptism to go to.  As it turned out we ran from place to place most of the day.  We had breakfast then Dave took Blake to the farm.  I did dishes and laundry then found out that Leah had been invited to a birthday party.  I ran Cora to the corn maze for the party she was invited to, came back and had a quick lunch, switched laundry, cleaned bathrooms, then ran Leah to her party.  I then had two blissful hours all to my self.  Dave had gone to a funeral in Champion then back to the farm.  I read Edenbrooke.  It was a great story Nicole had lent me.  I picked up Leah early and then off to the baptism.  Dinner. Now we are going to get somethings ready for dinner tomorrow and fold our laundry.  Maybe fit in a movie.  We'll see. 


  1. Love your spa picture of the three of you! Cute girls!