Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Yesterday we were evacuated from our home.  We had been on alert in a different episode several months ago and as a result were quite prepared this time.  There was a big grass fire quickly coming across the reserve towards our town.  The wind was blowing 104km/hour.  I had been in the storage room cleaning when Dave called and said I better turn on the radio.  I picked up the kids from school and started setting everything on the table that we would need.  We had just finished this when the radio started beeping and the police came around with big bull horns to tell everyone to leave.  The kids were a little nervous, but not near as much as last time.  It is true that if we are prepared we will not fear.  Everyone was being re-routed to a near by town.  We went up to where Dave was working instead.  From there we headed to the farm.  I am so grateful for my mother-in-law taking us in on short notice, feeding us, and giving us a bed.  Amber brought over some delicious cupcakes (she is the cupcake queen, we are always get to try new flavors and have LOVED every one of them).  We had a short FHE and sent the kids to bed.  Dave and Jared where trying to get updates about the fire to know if your house was OK or not.  This morning we got word that our town was safe and we could come home.  I will ever be thankful to the firefighters that worked so hard and risked their lives, (we are writing thank you notes after school today, to my in-laws for being so kind, and for every one's prayer.  We even had one ward member call and offer her house.  We have felt very loved and cared for.  I also have learned a few things.  Our 72 hour kit is filled with food, toothbrushes, radio, our important papers,and underwear for the kids.  But there are a few things that I didn't think about until I needed them. I didn't have a brush or elastics for the girls hair, Dave and I didn't have a change of underwear, and we all needed a change of clothes.  I had had the kids grab pj's and jackets but not the other.  I need to add shampoo, conditioner, soap, and probably cash in case the bank lines are down and the debit or credit card doesn't work.  Plus a few other things.  We have had two close calls now and I have learned more each time.  I am being prepared slowly I guess.  I would have been very devastated to lose everything but was so grateful that we were together as a family and that we were somewhat prepared.  We really had only minutes to grab our stuff.  The relief that I felt driving up and seeing my house standing unharmed was huge.


  1. I'm so relieved your home is safe. Thanks for the preparedness tips. I definitely need to implement them in my home, you just never know when an emergency will arise.

  2. So scary!! I am so thankful everyone is ok. The fire yesterday really got me thinking of how unprepared I am if I just had to get up and leave. I am definitely putting together some emergency kits for my family!

  3. Its so crazy to see how close the fire was afterwards. We are pretty blessed. Glad everything worked out for you guys!