Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Corn Maze

The Young Women went to the Corn Maze for their activity yesterday.  This is always a favorite.  Cora invited a friend to go with her.  We knew the church was paying for Cora but brought money to pay for her friend and our family.  We thought if we were dropping off and picking up we might as well go ourselves.  After going through the maze the youth always have hot chocolate and donuts.  As Dave is not in the bishopric this year we didn't make the hot chocolate so I didn't think it was fair that we ate any of it.  I brought our own hot chocolate and cookies.  This was my plan.  It did not turn out that way.  The church paid for Meghan even though I tried to pay them back for her.  Dave told me just to let it go.  I really did not feel it was fair since we had invited her.  Also my kids are so used to having the snack that they helped themselves.  I tried to remind them that I had stuff in the car but it was a little late.  I did try to not take advantage of the church.  As always the kids had a great time.  They have built a new slide.  It was really fun.  Long.  Leah forgot her jacket so I gave her mine.  Since it was a little chilly Dave had an old farm jacket in the car, complete with manure on it, that he lent me.  Of course this is when I see and old boyfriend's sister and people from high school.  Never fails.  We love this annual event.  We were not sure until just a couple hours before hand if we would all be going or not. So glad it worked out.


  1. Sounds fun! We've never taken the boys to a corn maze. I wouldn't worry about having the church pay for Cora's friend, I'm sure they were happy she had been invited. Have a good week. Hope to see you Saturday!

  2. It was a good time. Your kids are so good, and we had tons of food, it was no big deal. It was when the cubs showed up and started pigging out that I got annoyed. The picture is cute but would be a whole lot better with you in it :)