Monday, October 1, 2012

Off To The Races

Dave and I have been debating for a while about if I could go to the horse races.  They are free and I really wanted to watch them run.  But it is where people go to bet on the races.  I said I could just go watch and Dave said like I would watch Bingo.  I was not going to watch the people watch the horse races. I wanted to watch the horse run and hear the thunder of hoofs.  Saturday we went in to get a few groceries and went off to the races as well.  It really was great.  Not a ton of people there but the girls loves watching them run also.

Isn't that a great picture!!

We had Myrna over for Sunday dinner. The girls and I went on my Pinterest page to look for a dessert to try. Cora wanted to try this Chocolate Malted Ice Cream Cake.  It was super yummy.  Fast and easy too.

Leah was in her room for a while yesterday and when I went to find her she had all her purple clothes out.  She wanted to paint her nails purple and had called some of her friends to wear purple.  I was a little curious about this new obsession.  When I asked she said, "Mom, tomorrow is October 1st"  That really did not explain it at all to me.  She looked at me like a was crazy and reminded me that October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and their color is purple.  This girl that can not remember 5 mins after I have asked her to clean her room, or 5 seconds after I tell her not to talk with food in the mouth does remember a year later about Rett Month.  Selective memory?!?  Good job Leah. (Cora said that she remembered also and came to the breakfast table wearing purple also.  Blake is a little miffed that I won't go buy him a purple shirt.  I told him we can make him a pin or something).


  1. The cake looks delicious! How sweet your kids remembered Rett Syndrome Awareness month - they love their cousin.

  2. That is sooooo sweet of Leah! and Cora! Tell your girls I really appreciate that and we love them tons. My toes are purple as well and I am trying to get Brynn's purple (not easy)
    I took purple flower cookies to her school yesturday, they were in a clear sack with a sticker that said, from Brynn etc with the website to look at

    Way to Spread Awareness Puzey's

  3. The cake not only looked fantastic but it was absolutely delicious!!!! Thanks for a tasty dinner and a good movie. I love my family so much. They are so good to me. Love Mom P.