Friday, September 14, 2012

This Week...

We have been rolling forward this week.  I have updated our emergency kits and got them all back together. (I was so glad that we had full tanks of gas, another thing you don't usually think about).  Leah's glasses came in.  She had a headache the first day but seems to be adjusting well.  You can not even see the seam unless you look very close and at just the right angle.  She was pointing out things that she could see.  Her eyes were pretty bad!  Cora got picked to play the trumpet.  It was her third choice but oddly the one that she is the most excited about.  We have decided to buy rather than rent so she will always have it and we figured with all the rent money in the next two years it would probably be the same anyways.  So those of you that have bought instruments before I need help.  Best place to go, etc.  I have had the week off and it has been great.  Storage room cleaned, frozen meals made, Big Bang Theory season one watched, (that was important:)) and lots of time spent with my kids.  I got lots of primary stuff done and house plans accomplished. Blake really likes his teacher and is making some friend in his class. And things seem to be going well for Dave.  So that is us in a nutshell. Now I am off to lunch with my mom and sisters.


  1. Sounds like you got alot accomplished this week. What kind of frozen meals do you make - I'd love some recipes!

  2. Can you come and do some emergency kits for me? Seems like you are getting a lot more done than I, I'm still trying to write the primary program