Thursday, September 6, 2012


September is never a great month.  With school fees, clothes, supplies, piano, gymnastics, etc.  I knew it was going to be worse this year with our passports being due and paying for house blueprints.  Yesterday the kids had their annual eye Dr. appointments.  Blake went first, Dr. came out and said eyes are healthy they look good, no problems.  Cora is next, same things.  Then in goes Leah.  I knew her eyes had gotten worse, but I was not prepared.  When she was done I got asked if I could please come in and discuss my options.  So feeling like I am going to the principles office I follow our eye Dr. into the exam room.  Leah's eyes have not only gotten worse they have changes significantly.  He starts going through all my different options.  They have a new round top bifocal that in some cases has slowed down the progression but it is a little more expensive and is not guaranteed.  Also there is a new lens from China that is big buck and he hasn't personally used yet but is supposed to be good.  As he is talking my brain is going, cha-ching! 10YEAR OLD need BIFOCALS...(to quote Kita "WwwwHAAAAAT!?!")...cha-ching!  Cha-ching.  With Dave's new benefits we also don't have eyeglass coverage at all.  Ever.  Leah's eyes are almost as bad as mine where when I got eye surgery.  She has to get her lenses high-indexed, which is huge.  I hesitantly asked my doctor (who I am aware can not see into the future) trying not to scare my daughter who is sitting in the room if her eyes will continue to progress to the point where they can not be corrected.  He said he didn't think so because her eyes are healthy and everything else looks good.  So we ordered new glasses. (There goes the new itouch I really really wanted)  Just think I also get to start paying for dental corrections soon.  Yipee!!!!!  He wants to see Leah back in 6 months instead of a year so we can catch it this time.  For the next 6 months I will be praying fervently and maybe leaving a collection jar outside my front door.

Dear Cannon:
I realize that this is not grammatically correct in the slightest. (Really they never are)  IF you read this and IF you made it to the end with out crawling out of your skin, I am sure it pained you in the extreme.  I do apologize.
Sincerely your sister,


  1. Yes, I am here, watching as always. :-)

  2. That is not good Char! Why do things like this always happen at once? As I sat reading this my eyes started to hurt, I hate hearing about eye problems it always instantly makes mine hurt! So after I type this through the tears I am going to take out my contacts! Good luck and I am happy to hear that her eyes are at least healthy.

  3. Poor Leah - what a pain! It's always something!

  4. I say send your kids out to find a job! Seriously, in the 'olden' days, kids worked and didn't COST money. They didn't have their teeth fixed, they only had 2 dresses and they made their own glasses out of coke bottles.... try that