Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Blake and Leah are playing on the volleyball team this year.  It is a Junior High team, but they were few in numbers so pulled up the Grade 6 kids.  Since it is Junior High, the Grade 6 kids rotate the days they play.  Both of them have been enjoying it a lot.  Blake has some power.  He is excited about volleyball and plans to continue.
Leah also has never played.  She is doing well.  She has already decided to try out next year.  They have a very strong volleyball program at the High School so we will see, but I am glad she is willing to try.

They have had a few games.  Won some and lost some.  It is a small league.

At first Leah said volleyball was just a warm up to get in shape for bastketball.  Now she likes it.  

Blake has a 5/6 tournament coming up in November.  He played in that last year and is looking forward to it again.

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  1. That is fun. I hope they continue to enjoy it. My dad was a coach in college for a girls team. He liked to play volleyball. I always thought it hurt my hand, and wrist. He told me I was hitting it wrong and that is why it hurt.