Friday, October 7, 2016

Dresden -2

This morning we slept in till after 9.  I don't remember the last time I slept near that late.  We must have needed it.  We almost missed breakfast.  We checked out.  The hotel was kind enough to still hold our stuff.  Next we bought our train tickets to Leipzig and then went exploring again.  The kids played a little game of Marco Polo.  This picture was Blake's idea.

We then went to the Zwinger.  In the below picture you see the courtyard.  The Zwinger is a block from the castle and it is were all the games, such as jousting, were held.

We walked all around the top and bottom.  If you look at the top railing at all the white dots.  Every single one of those is a statue.  No cutting back expenses at this place.

I had tried to visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace to no avail, but I did find Marie Antoinette at the Zwinger. She must have been visiting also.

There were statues of ladies around the whole bathing area.  All four walls, except two spots.  Cora and Leah decide to fill in for them.

At one point we thought we might lose Blake, but nope he was right there, the sign said so.

From the Zwinger we walked to the Dresden Castle.  But we took a short cut through this courtyard.  That day they had bicycle demonstrations outside.  Blake hopped on to give it a try.

He should have stuck with the bigger bike.  His knees were banging the handlebars.  He made us go back every day after to check if they were out again.  They never were.  We just hit it good the one day.

Cora also gave it a try.  This nice young man also stopped for a few extra minutes with her and told her all about it and some stories.  He then gave us a demo.  We were starting to realize that having Cora along was helpful.

We made it to Dresden Castle.  It was was fun to look around.  They had an armory for us to look at.  Leah loved these jousting sticks.  She was laughing at how it looked like one was fighting with nails and the other clouds.  Wonder who would win.  Some displays had glass around, other a square line you didn't cross.  It was full of all these old fighting outfits with the royal seals, and gold trim.  Big poofy pantaloons in velvet.  I jokingly told the girls they really should be looking around for Grad Dress ideas.  Leah picked one and said it was lovely, as she pointed at it, swinger her arm towards it, she crossed the line.  We didn't even realize until all the alarms went off.  Whoops!

The first few years we were married Dave tried to get a good bratwurst and doner.  Finally he gave up.  He was excited to go back and get some. He had been telling Blake about them for days.  They found a good street seller and got their first bratwurst.  Dave, Blake and Leah loved them.  Ate a few over the next couple of days.  Cora and I had one tiny bite to say we did, then always found something else.

After dinner, and possibly more gelato, we got our backpacks and boarded our train to Leipzig.  We got in in time to catch the bus to our hotel.  Once again we had an apartment.  Little bigger this time.  Dave said it would have been a nice missionary apartment.  We got the kids sorted out into rooms, read, journaled and went to sleep.


  1. So happy Dave was able to return to his mission and to be able to share it with all of you. So cute that Cora was getting lots of attention from all the young men. I'm not surprised!

  2. Marco Polo! That's funny. good Idea Blake. Once again beautiful architecture. Glade you got to meat at lest one queen on your trip. The bikes look fun. Not sure what a doner is, but would like to try one. Once again so fun to read your family's adventure.