Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The next morning we were off to Paris.  We had to be up by 4 again to make the Eurostar.  I had been told that this was the fast train that went under the English Channel.  Being claustrophobic and motion sickness prone I was very nervous about this train.  I totally thought we were going to go through a glass tube and see water all around us.  I was talking myself through this process.  I was nervous since not one of us knew French and we would have to carry our back packs with us all day. So on the train we went. 

A few hours into the trip we ordered some hot chocolate.  It was very thick and very dark, but good.

We had gone through a few quick tunnels and a longer one.  I was still bracing myself for the water.  Than I saw a sign all in French.  I asked Dave if we were in France already.  Apparently the tunnels were the River Thames and the English Channel.  No announcements, nothing, it was all fine.  I panicked for nothing.  When we arrived, Dave went to see about the Metro.  We had been told that if you can say a few words in French they will be nicer to you.  So as Dave was talking to the information lady he was trying, he asked for some maps and route times, and said please.  She handed them to us and we found a seat to study them.  Then Dave started laughing.  He had said please in German and didn't even realize it.  The lady had given us the pamphlets all in German.  Good thing he could read them.

The reason we had decided to add Paris to the trip, was that Cora really wanted to see Notre Dame.  How could we not when we were that close.  We had a 6 hours in Paris and it was more than enough for us.  I did enjoy Notre Dame.  I was not prepared for the crowds.  There had been lots of tourist in the other countries, but Paris was packed everywhere.

The kids did sing songs from Les Miserables, Phantom, and Hunchback while we were there.  Quietly.  

After walking around Notre Dame a bit we grab a sandwich for lunch.  It was honestly the best baguette bread ever.  Europe has amazing bread.  When we stopped to get a few thing when we got home we just stared at the bread section for a second, so not interested in anything they were selling here. We then decided if we were in Paris we should probably see the Eiffel Tower.

I have never been a fan of selfie sticks.  I think they are pretty stupid and self centered.  After being around the Eiffel Tower they now really bug me.  I understand Leah's want of running up to people and chopping them in half.  She also wanted to kick a pigeon the whole trip.  Not sure about that one. 

It was another beautiful day.  We were getting hot from carrying our bags.  We found a nice shady spot by the Tower and took a few moments to rest.  We had a little time left and so Dave took us to the Arch of Triumph.  This was really cool.  There was one lady there (with her selfie stick:)) that was shooing everyone out of the way.  She took 20 mins and would not let anyone else take a picture from that location.  Dave wanted to walk up in front of her and shoo her out of the way.

It as then time to make our way back to the train station.  We got another quick sandwich.  Blake had been wanting ice cream all day.  We found a little Gelato stand for him.

Pistachio and Chocolate.  It was very delicious. As we waited for our next train, Dave and the kids played a little Foosball that was in the train station.

Then back on another train headed to Switzerland.

Every evening the kids and I would write in our journals about the day so we didn't forget anything.  Then as a family we would read scriptures and have prayer.  Here they are journal writing and reading.  The kids thought it was pretty cool to visit three counties in one day.


  1. That's funny about Dave and the German. It seam's you have been having some divine help with your motion sickness. I am with you on the selfie sticks and pictures for that matter. Sounds like that lady needs to wake up. Blake: Cool Gelato. Sound and looks Yummy!

  2. AHH you shoulda gone to the Louvre!!! Thats a fascinating place! Did you climb up the Effiel tower??