Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Fortunately we were able to spend Thanksgiving with both side of the family this year.  Sunday we all gathered at Myrna's.  We had a delicious meal.  The kids played a few games.  We did a good job of getting lots cleaned up before the meal this time which made clean up after go swiftly.

I was very pleased with my girls.  Before, when they were playing games, I would just let them know when it was time to wash a few dishes and they would jump up to help.  After the meal, I didn't say anything and they started clearing.  Stayed till every dish was put away.  They usually do around our house, but I was once again very proud of the help they give without being asked.

The men went off to watch the baseball game and the girls chatted.  The littles mostly played down stairs.  It was nice to sit and be together.  Monday we went out to my parents.  It had snowed overnight and the roads were kinda scary.  At one point we even called to see how it was at their house to see if we should keep going or turn around and go home.  After a few minutes discussion we decided to press forward.  Slush was grabbing our wheels and made for a nervous drive out.  We had another wonderful meal.  My parents had used all their fine china and goblets.  Also they had invited the missionaries for dinner.  3 Sisters and 2 Elders.  The Elders were last minute as they had no where to go.

After dinner the youth and missionaries enjoyed talking in the great room together.  They were a loud group of teenagers, and McKay :), but it was fun.  

Once again nice for the adults to sit and be together and not worry about them.  It was a lovely day.  We had a snack and cleaned up before it was time to leave.  By the evening, roads were clear, even dry in some parts.  We got home and watched a movie.  A perfect holiday.


  1. sounds great. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Sounds lovely both dinners with both family's. It shows that you and Dave are good parents that your daughter help that way. So you can pat your self's on the back.