Monday, October 10, 2016

Leipzig and Area

This morning we got a train to Wiemar.  It is an hour ride from Leipzig, but this day it took us almost 4.  I think there was some problem with the track.  We were put on a bus and routed around to another train that didn't leave for over and hour after we got there.  It was a little frustrating.  We had planned on visiting Dave's apartment in Wiemar and Buchenwald, but we lost all those hours.  Buchenwald is a concentration camp.  It was not open on Monday's so this was our only chance.  We were all glad for the peanuts and apples I packed.  When we finally got there our first stop was the cafeteria for lunch.  This was the only place in Germany that the ladies were not patient with our language barrier.  Most of us ordered the schnitzel to try.  Dave got the mushroom sauce with it.
We then looked around  the camp.  This was something that Dave and I felt was important for the kids to see.  I will never understand how awful it was for them there, but this gave us all a better perspective.

Seeing the crematorium was so sad.  I won't go into a lot detail, but it was very eye opening.

We watched one video that talked about them measuring nose length and shape of the eyes.  I didn't realize it was that specific.  Also there were a couple walls with people's pictures and why they were imprisoned.  One was he owned a bike, one was walked on the left side of street.  Crazy things.  It was a somber experience.  For one of Leah's assignment to make up for being away, she has to write a persuasive paragraph on whether it is better to learn in the classroom or out.  After being here she decided while some thing are better in, like math, seeing Buchenwald first had was a lot more educational than reading it from a textbook.

This is Block 17 were all the Canadians were kept.  
after we didn't have enough time to go into town as hoped.  We caught a bus back to the train station and tried to find our train back.  After asking around we were told there was no train back to Leipzig.  At this point it is almost 5 and we are a little panicked.  A few more questions at the office and we found out we could go to Gera, which is in the opposite direction, then catch a train back to Leipzig.  So that is what we did.  Dave also served in Gera and we would have like to explore, but there was no time.  We did see his apartment building from the train as we passed.  We were so glad to make it back to our hotel that night.
The next morning, looking at maps, Dave found that we were one block from his apartment in Leipzig.  We checked out of the hotel and went for a walk.

Blake and Dave tried a pastry on the way.  After taking this picture we went to find the church.  As I started to take this picture, my phone starting buzzing.  My phone had picked up the church wifi and all my notifications were coming in.  I found this amusing and cool.  Not only is our church the same all over the world, but apparently so is the wifi password.

Next we jumped on a bus to take us to downtown Leipzig.  We looked at the University and found a lot of cool things around it.  Cora and I loved this second hand book store.  It was just like you read about.  Shelves and shelves of books, stacks on the floor, piles on tables outside, all for so cheap.

We found this lovely travel book to some country called Kanada.  It looked beautiful, We hope to visit sometime.  :)

We continue meandering through the streets.

And came upon this amazing street market.  Dave said there is always a street market here.  And a real one, so many little vendors.  I loved it.  We walked around for quite a while.  The street market is set up in the town square.  Dave said that this is the place they would come to street contact on Christmas Day. Dave mentioned how he kept looking around at the bus stops and town squares for people to contact and then realized he didn't have to.

At the street market we had lunch.  Dave, Blake and Leah all had bratwurst again.  Tried two different stands.

Cora and I had something else.  I wish I could remember what it was called.  It was a big flat scone that she made right there.  It had a few different topping.  Cora chose bacon and cheese.  I chose the one that most people seemed to be getting.  She put on a thin layer of sour cream and then topped with fresh diced tomatoes and basil. I added the ham for protein, but ate it separate.  This was so good.  I am totally making it again.

We then got waffles with cream inside.  This guy had it down.  Look at all those waffle makers and he was working alone. He served so many customers so fast.  I do think perhaps my parents local ice cream shop could use a few tips from him.

The waffles were amazing, but I was a little disappointing in the filling.  It was more marshmallow cream than whipped cream.  Still good, but a bit of a let down.

After the street market we wandered around to see the cathedrals that Bach had played in.

It was then getting late in the afternoon and time to catch our train back to Dresden. When we arrived back we were please to see for our last hotel we again had a little apartment and that there was a grocery store around the corner.  Dave decided we were having abendbort.  This is evening bread.  A common meal in Germany.  He said they have a big lunch then usually have this smaller meal for dinner.  It always consists of open face sandwiches of dark bread, butter, meats and cheeses.  But never meat and cheese together.  We went to the store to get things for abendbort, breakfast and snacks for the next day.

There is some questionable selections in Germany.  Bread they have got covered,  lunch meat...not so much. You can't really see but this is deli meat slices.  A lot of rounds on top of each other encased in a clear jelly.  Dave said he has seen some with tongue in jelly.  You can see the taste buds on it.  Sadly we were not blessed to see that delightfulness.
We got our stuff and headed back to the hotel for some relaxation.

We found one channel in English and watched that.  It was some demolition program about blowing up a bridge.  It was another beautiful night and we went to sleep.


  1. Ewwww, the lunch meat looks so gross 😝 But the cathedrals looked beautiful and the street market...oh that would be fun!!!!

  2. Loved seeing the burial plot of Johann Bach. Loved all the neat things you ate in Germany. What an amazing holiday for all of you.

  3. I have to say I was going through some with drawls yesterday and hoped that it wasn't the end. The food looks so good. I want to try some of it. My mouth was watering. So humbling to see the camps and. Randan and I went to Washington D.C. about 8 years ago and when we were there we went to a monument dedicated to the World War Two, and the concentration camps. We saw all kinds of humbling things, so I can only imagine the spirit that was at the actual site. That would have been scary to think you might not make it back to your hotel. When I was reading it I felt my anxiety build. And then relief to find you had made it back.