Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back to Dresden Part 3

Our trip was starting to wind down.  Just a few more days.  We were not in a hurry to get from place to place anymore, it was nice.  We woke up and ate the breakfast we had got the night before and caught the streetcar back to the town square.  We went to the Transportation Museum.  

This is the first motorbike.  It was made in 1865.  Isn't that a fantastic seat, and all wooden.

The kids got to sit on bikes and drive trains.

What good looking people.

There was an interactive room in the airplane section.  Cora practiced driving a plane.

We spent a long time at this museum.  It was past lunch time when we were done.  They still didn't have bikes out in the courtyard to ride.  Blake made sure we checked.  For lunch we decided on a Canadian restaurant  called Ontario.  It was nice to sit down.  Of course I couldn't read the menu.  After sitting for a while our waitress came up and just stood beside us.  We waited a beat for a greeting, when getting nothing I questioningly ordered stilled water.  I was not positive she was there to help us.  After we all ordered our drinks, she asked if that was all.  Dave said we would be getting food as well.  Again she just waited.  Afraid she would go away and I would never eat I recognized the word pulled pork and ordered that.  Cora tried one more time for lemonade.  She got a pink grapefruit lemonade.  It was really good, but still fizzy.  No still lemonade was to be found for us.  When our food arrived the waitress said, 'here is your pulled pork poutine'.  Uh oh, I really don't like poutine.  I had not seen that part.

It ended up being delicious.  Canadian German Poutine I like.  It still had fries, but the gravy was just sorta drippings from the pork.  The pork was amazing.  It was topped with greens and halfed cherry tomatoes.  The white on the plate is the cheese curds, I just set those aside and it was great.  Ate the fries fast so they were not to soggy.  Blake ordered a burger and declared it was the best burger in the world.

It was neat to eat outside by the cathedral.  When we were finished we sat for 20 mins until our waitress asked if we were done.  We said yes, she took two plates.  Another 10 mins and we see her walk out of the restaurant with her jacket and purse.  Now what were we supposed to do?  At first it was nice to sit and relax.  It was perfect weather, we were enjoying being still, but after 45 mins of waiting after we had eaten we were anxious to go.  After all we had gelato to get.  Finally another guy came and cleared our plates and gave us the bill.  I was tempted to dine and dash, it didn't seem like they wanted us to pay anyways.

We then went for a walk along the river.  Dave was looking for info about doing a steamboat river tour.  Next we got on a streetcar to take us to our church.

This is the church were the mission offices were, so Dave spent the 6 months he was A.P. here.  The parking lot is cool with all that stone.

Outside of the church we saw this little trabant.  This is the type of car Davesaw a lot when he was serving here.

Across from the church is Gossner Gartner. (In the German language they have this cool symbol that looks like a fancy B, but is actually a double s sounds.  Since I don't have that symbol on the computer, Dave told me just to put a double s)  This park was beautiful and very peaceful.

We wandered for and hour and half around these paths.  There was a tiny kids train that went around the outside.

In the middle of the park there is this castle.  It had been restored a lot since Dave was there,but still needed work.  We were not allowed inside.

After the park we found a bench to sit on and people watch.  We saw a few of these street skier.  Weirdest thing. It seemed like a lot of work.

Finally we were ready to go back to the hotel.  Again we had our evening bread.  Had some down time made a plan for the next day and we all went to bed.


  1. Ha ha. Nice experience at the Canadian restaurant. I hope you didn't tip. I did love the Canadian maple leaf on the plate.

  2. That is a cool bike. The seat is wood as well? If so I would be sore. Your lunches look good. I am not sure what poutine is though. What a waitress!!! I have had some waitresses that were dosies but yours takes the cake. Was cool to see the maple leaf on the plate though. To bad you weren't allowed in the castle that would have been fun. I think I would want to try that street skiing.