Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Trick or Treat

This Halloween was so fun.  I'm not a hater of Halloween, but I don't put a lot of effort into it either.  After lots of asking from Leah, we finally went and found our few Halloween decorations.  The kids were all old enough that I didn't have to do anything for their costumes.  They did it all themselves.  I helped Leah put together this little gift for her friends.  Then for lunches I drew faces on their oranges to look like Jack-O-Lanterns and made a mummy filled with candy out of toilet rolls. 
Cora dressed up as Castiel.  Some dude from a TV show called Super Natural.  Blake was going to go as Dr. Who and last minute changed his mind.  Blake and Leah weren't allowed to dress up till last period, so I didn't get a picture of them.  Leah helped with the school haunted house.  She painted her face with bruises and cuts and dresses all in black.  For the school party she was going to be a robber, but didn't feel like changing.

When the kids got home we had a quick dinner and they changed back into their costumes.  Cora wanted to be robbers together with Leah.  Leah was being grumpy and didn't want to dress up anymore.  I was very tempted to leave her home.  So no pictures of her this year.

We then headed off to the Toone's.  Maycie and Emily had invited the girls for a movie party.  Later they asked if the rest of us could come and hang out.  It was a lot of fun.  As soon as we got there, Blake, Avery, Dave and Joe went into town to trick or treat.  The girls were hanging out in the basement.

Natalie made me a lovely cup of herbal tea and we sat in the front room till the boys came home.

I enjoyed sitting there with the warm tea and loved that I didn't have to be the one to take Blake out.

When they got back, Blake and Avery watched a show with Sophie.  I told them we needed to leave by 9:30 since it was a school night.  They were a little surprised.  Apparently in their school district they never have school the day after Halloween.  How nice is that!

But of course as we talked and the girls wanted to finish the show we stayed way past 9:30.  But loved every minute of it.

We ended up getting home just after midnight.  We may have slept through scripture reading time this morning. :/  We all had a great time and the kids got plenty got of candy. 


  1. What a fun Halloween! It turned out to be a nice night for it!!

  2. sounds fun. I love Leah's little Halloween bag's. Did any of them actually smell her feet :)

  3. That looked like lots of fun. Cute costumes. I love Halloween, have my hole life. I have thought a lot about it, and I think that it is because you get to be super creative. Also it kicks off all the holidays until Easter then we have a break until 4th of July.