Sunday, October 16, 2016

School Pictures 2016

For better or for worse, here are our 2016 school pictures.  I was starting to panic about getting them done.  We had already had one snow fall.  It was a little cold, muddy, and windy anyways.  Usually I do these the first of September.  The kids quickly got showered and hair done yesterday and we went out and took them.
They had a lot of ideas this year about what they wanted to do.  I just rolled with it, so we could get it done.

It took a lot of tries to get them all in the air.

Cora so strong she caused them to shake and be moved back.  I think she was being Thor.

Even with the wind and cold this is what we are going with.

I love the relationship these two have.  It has deepened and grown over the last two years as they have learned to depend on one another and be there for each other.  It was a fun day.  We took them all quickly in under and hour.  But it is what it is.


  1. Once again you did not disappoint. Love these pictures as much as other years. These kids make me smile! Love Grandma P.

  2. They had some fun Ideas. That is cool about Leah and Cora. It is sad but it seams though's kinds of relationships are fewer and fewer in the world today.