Saturday, October 15, 2016

Crazy Cattle

We moved cows today.  Just across the road.  We meet at 10:30 and set up ropes across the road so they could walk in without getting side tracked.  First we moved the bulls to one side.  Dave was in the Tahoe with the kids and Jared on the quad.  I was on the other side of the fence, so I decided to just hide behind a tractor that was there.  Jared got them right into the small watering place before they moved across.  One went straight over, the other to the corner.  I thought I would be helpful and step to the corner to give it a nudge.  That was the wrong thing to do.  Normally is works, but this bull got spooked.  I quickly moved back and hid in a tire so it couldn't see me at all.  He was so nervous.  It took a good 10 mins for Jared to convince it to move.  I could tell the bull kept looking at the tractor, wondering where I was.  At one point I was staring to wonder if I should just come out or if that would stop all progress.  Finally it went across.  Next time I will just get in the Tahoe also.  We then moved on to the cows.  We all went in the back gate to carefully crowd them up first.  Jared and Emry on quad. Dave, Blake, Leah, and I in the Tahoe.  (We left Cora home to write her talk since it was a small move)  There was one little calf that Dave was trying to move forward.  Leah and I jumped out and walked.  Dave drove right up to the calf and it barely moved.  Leah tried to nudge it forward and it would circle with her.  It just wanted to follow her.  So she just kept walking, checking to make sure it was following.  The funny little thing was very friendly.  I didn't see the number, but am sure it would have to be one of the calves we bottle feed for so long.  It followed her almost to the gate until it got spooked by the quad.  All went smooth and pretty fast.  I really wished I had brought my phone to get a picture of that calf following her. :)

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