Saturday, June 28, 2014

American Girl Doll Party

Since the moment Amy arrived, Leah has been planning an American Girl Doll Party.  She made up invites and planned activities.  The only thing I did was snacks.  They had a really fun time.

Leah, Katherine, Andi, Alex, and Sarah-Ann.  Alex is from France, staying over here for a few weeks with Andi.  She was fun to talk to.  Didn't say much, but a really nice girl.

That is an amazingly big bowl.  I filled it up twice.

All ready for an American Girl movie.

After the kids got their chores done today, I deemed it a family day.  Sometimes you just need those.  They read in the tree for a while, and played with chalk forever.  Set their 'pool' back up and went for a walk.

Cora was so high up I could not get a picture of her.  To many leaves in the way.  The kids have asked several times if there was any way we could take this tree with us.

I did some deep cleaning in prep to have people come see the house.  We are getting closer.  One of the jobs was to clean up my sewing pile.  Cora got this John Deere material months ago and I finally got her pj bottoms done.  Goes perfect with the shirt she got from Kita.

Tonight everyone plans to watch a movie and I am going out for a girls night with my in-laws.  Looking forward to that.


  1. Fun times at your house! I love Cora's pjs also. Love Grandma P.