Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day 2014

 We had a really nice Father's Day weekend. 
 Months ago Dave and Jared had talked about biking the Kananaski's highway.  Well let's be honest, they did it I think 3 or 4 years ago and have been trying to get back again but something always comes up.  This year I was determined it was going to happen.  There was rain in the forecast and the cows needed to be moved.  I never tell Dave what he can and can not do, but this time I was pretty insistent.  I told him to move cows Friday and then go Saturday. These brothers both have lots on the go.  Up early to do farm work, regular job, back to farm/yard/house/ work, and church callings.  The kids and I were trying to remember the last time Dave has taken time for himself.  He did go skiing three times this year (way down from the regular 12-13) and always with the family.  We knew he had long ago earned this break. We were praying for no rain in the Kananaski's area, but lots at the farm where they finished seeding. (I know kinda demanding huh)  They did end up going.  Bikes about 70 KM and only had a bit of rain.  This is where the road had washed out from the floods last year.

Dave took pictures of himself and Jared but said he would really rather I did not post them since their gear did not quite fit like it did last time they had it on :) That morning I was googling how fast a bear could run, then I asked Dave how fast he could bike on his road bike.  Biking was faster than a bear.  That made me feel way better.  Then he sent me this picture.

I guess there had been a big grizzly in the area a couple of hours before they got there.  They had a good day together.  Dave enjoys spending time with his brother.  I was so glad they had that little get away.  I told Dave he was not allowed to even think of all the stuff he needed to get done.  
That night when  Dave got home, he wrote his talk for the next day and we all traveled on assignment with him.  He had to be there at 8, so we packed some snacks, games, and books.  (Church started at 10) The kids and I had planned on finding a room and sitting inside, but the doors where locked.  We climbed in the back of the Tahoe and spread out a blanket and played Capture. A game Cannon and Nicole had given Blake for his baptism.  It is actually pretty fun. We did get a few strange looks tho.  I love listening to Dave give talks.  He can make a boring subject interesting.  And the kids were glad to spend the day with him.  After church we rushed back to feed the missionaries.  
For Father's Day the kids wanted to give their dad a bucket of his favorite treats.  They made a list of things that we don't ususally buy that Dave loves. We ended up giving it to him early so he could enjoy some for his lunch on the ride.

At church yesterday Blake made this candy gram for Dave.  They were each given 4 treat and had to make up a sentence to go with them.  After, they had left overs so the kids got a few more.  One of the sisters later told us how impressed she was with the things Blake came up with.  Some were: 1. You 'skor'ed big with me. We thought it was so funny he worded it that way instead of Blake had skored with Dave as a dad.:) 2. Sometimes your jokes are 'cheezie'. 3. It's like your made of 'Gold'. (he crossed off the fish) 4. Sometimes I think you are from 'Mars'.  Dave enjoyed reading and getting this.They have a very tiny primary up there.

I am thankful for the wonderful Dad's I know.  I grew up with the best dad around. I am thankful for the example he is to me and the way I was raised.  I grew up with a very strong example of service, love  and obedience for the gospel and how to work  Later I meet another fantastic father, who was also a great example to his son.  I am thankful to the way that he raised his son.  He is the perfect man for me.  I have never had a doubt that my father in law loves me and was happy to have me as part of his family.  My husband is a very loving and hardworking man.  He tries to give us so much and to be there for all the kids games, activities, special day, etc.  He sits down and listens to them and loves being with them. My brothers/in law are great dads and I enjoy watching them with their children.  Love all of you.  Hope everyone had a wonderful day.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day. I'm glad you made Dave and Jared take some time for themselves - they deserve it!

  2. I told Dave how much I enjoyed his talk and I have been thinking about what he had to say today. It was so uplifting! He really is a great speaker. I enjoyed seeing all of you yesterday. The only thing that would have made it better is if you could have stayed for dinner. We had a good time with the missionaries. They waited in the car until Jared came over. They are very obedient to mission rules. Gave us a very nice thought to end the day. Love Mom P.

  3. Wish I could have been able to hear his talk. that's a big bear. I agree you are very blessed to have the fathers and husband you have.