Thursday, June 12, 2014


Soccer season is almost over.
I think he may need a little bit bigger of a jersey, this one doesn't seem to quite fit.  :) 

As luck would have it, I took one picture and the camera died.  I knew that I could flip it on and off and quickly get a few more shots.  (Dead camera may have happened to me before:))  But it is also slower.  I would zoom about where I thought, try to aim camera, then flip it on quickly.  Sometimes I would actually get a picture with him in it.

Blake has had fun playing this year.  He can kick it really far down the field.  He is a good team player, he passes well and enjoys the game. He seems to enjoy playing defense the most and helping the person in goal.
Already looking forward to next year.
Blake says he rocks!! And he does.


  1. Why on earth did they get their jerseys so big - that's hilarious! Bowen's been enjoying playing soccer this year as well.

  2. What are you talking about I think the jersey fits fine:) :)
    GO BLAKE!!!!!!!!