Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Forgot...

Just a few things that I have forgotten about the last little while.  End of April I had all these thought about my job as a mom and made a bunch of notes then forgot about it till last week.  I was thinking how it has changed as my kids get older.  I used to feel like all my money was spent on diapers, now it is basketball shoes, school fee, and piano lessons.  When they were small it seemed you could just give them a cuddle and a kiss or a band aid and all would be fixed.  Now they have to work it out themselves.  I try to give words of encouragement and sometimes just listen, but I have to sit back and watch them hurt and learn.  It's really hard.  When young the whole world revolved around them.  It has been fun to see them become aware of others around them.  To lift others burdens, to become giving and kind and understanding.  I enjoy watching their testimonies grow.  We have always made sure to talk about when they feel the spirit so they recognize that.  I used to be tired from getting up in the night and felt drain from only having little people to talk to all day. Frustrated with the potty training and trying to get them to bed at night.  Now I am tired from running them all over the place, waiting up at night for them to come home from basketball, soccer, Cubs, YW, dances, or babysitting.  I feel drained from all the cookies and cupcakes the school needs, and the getting up early for seminary.  For dealing with the drama of Grade 6 girls. I used to spend my days on picking up toys and reading to my kids, now it is piano and homework and teaching them to cook.  When Dave would come home from work we would just want to go somewhere, anywhere, even just a walk.  We had been home all day and needed some brightening.  Now if we actually get a day that we are home, we just want to stay there.  Get in our pjs and watch a movie, or all sit in the front room and read.  So many stages we go through as parents.  We are all constantly changing, growing, and moving forward. But through it all, I always will always love them to death and I always get to be their mom.

The kids were complaining that I don't make cool cupcakes anymore.  Haven't for a while.  We had one more school bake sale.  So I got out my cupcake book, looked at Pinterest and these are the ones Leah picked.  Wish I would have remembered to buy tin cupcake holders.  Would have made a little difference.

Dave sent me this picture a month ago.  I have not even been out to see the cute new little ones.  I tell you, running my kids around is all I do:)

Blake finished PAT's Monday.  Leah has her last one today.  Cora starts tomorrow.  She has been studying like crazy.  Had a test Monday that she was surprise to really not do well.  Ruined her whole day.  Including her FHE lesson that night.:)  But that is for a later post. She is studying, studying.

Before the 8 K we ran, I wanted Cora to know the route.  We hiked the coulees then went for Frozen Yogurt.  Cora was pretending to be exhausted.

Can you see my beautiful stripped lawn.  I guess I can not do everything Dave does.  I swear I overlapped the fertilizer just like he said.  But the evidence proves me wrong.  I went over it again.

A very long time ago, the kids where helping Grandma Puzey clean out some rooms in her basement.  See what very helpful kids I have.

While Dave and I are in our meetings Sunday morning, the kids set up the chairs in the Primary room for me.  Usually it is all nicely done.  They are quiet and play games on the board when done setting up.  Maybe not so much this day.  But they had fun.

At Dave's work BBQ a couple weeks ago there was a bouncy house.  A big one.  It looked like lots of fun.  At one point only my 3 where in there.  I really wanted to try it.  I did ask Dave first if he thought I would pop it.  He laughed at me.  Seems like we made it too fun.  Right after I got in so did a bunch of kids.


  1. Looks like lots of fun!! Blake is pro at sitting on a pyramid of chairs!! Good luck on PAT’s Cora!! Don’t stress them. They’re not as bad as I thought they would be. Even getting a 70% on a PAT is really good. So good luck!!!

  2. Those cupcakes are awesome! I too love a good bouncy house. You usually can't get me out of it:)

  3. What a Fun post. I always read your posts and wish I could express my self as you do. You seem to know just how to say it. I now see what I am in for with my kidos. thanks for the heads up.