Monday, June 9, 2014

Outdoor Ed camp

One of Cora's options this semester was Outdoor Education.  They learned games, survival, cooking etc.  She really enjoyed this course.  At the end they went to Waterton and did a two day camp.  At first I was not going to let her go since it was a co-ed camp, but Dave said all would be fine.  Of course he was right and she had a blast.

We live in such an amazingly beautiful spot of this world. Cora took 120 pictures.  I narrowed it down for you:)

Cora, Annie, Sheila, and Meghan.  Sure going to miss these girls.  As luck would have it Meghan is moving at the end of June now also.  I hope they are able to keep in contact with one another.
There have been many bears seen the last couple of years.  We were both nervous about her seeing one on her hikes.  Cora did see some but they were always from the bus.  Thank Goodness!! They left early Monday, when they arrived they set up camp and had lunch.  Did a short Bertha falls hike and then back for dinner and campfire fun and games.  Second day they had breakfast, cleaned up camp, got everything loaded on the bus, had a few more games and activities then lunch.  After lunch was Bear's Hump.
Cameron Falls.

Meghan, Annie, and Sheila.  Cora's best friends and a wonderful group of girls.
Camp site.
Waiting for pick-up Tuesday morning before hikes.
She said it was a beautiful morning and packed her rain gear on the bus.  Crazy girl.  It poured the whole hike.  Everyone was so wet that the teachers cancelled the final hike and brought everyone home.  Soaking wet, but happy.

Saturday Cora ran her first 8 K with me.  She did really well.  The last stretch is up a hill that is 1.25 KM.  She paced herself and jogged the whole thing.  Time was 54 mins.  I run/walk and did 1:10.  Not as good as last year, but I did it:) We came home and showered then went to a work BBQ of Dave's.  Home to do laundry and clean then I dropped Cora off at a ballet recital.  The little girl she babysits had one ticket left over and chose to invite Cora.  We thought that was so sweet.  Blake and Leah were in the neighborhood at friends houses.  I did not see them for hours.  Sunday we went out to Hill Spring for my nephew's ordination.  He had turned 12.  It was warm and sunny.  Good food, good company.  From there we went to the stake center for YW recognition.  Fun evening.  Really clever skit about 'Snow White and the 7 Values' (in case you are wondering Snow White becomes the 8th Virtue).  Also they got the boys in the stake to make a music video of 'You are so Beatifull'.  Which was hilarious.  We had Blake with us, so we stuck him in a room with some books and I let him play Mine craft on my phone.  The boy was in heaven.  Usually he has a 20 min time limit, but I felt bad that we had to stick him by himself.  He ended up playing for 70 mins.  That is a long time.  Back up for scripture study and school today.  Late night, we were pretty tired. 


  1. Char - you make me tired listing all the things you do. Cora's camp sounded fun. My junior high school did outdoor ed trips every year and I have great memories of those. Hope to see you all soon.

  2. You're daughter can take pictures that is for sure she has a talent. Very beautiful. What a good idea they snow white thing was. I have seen some where on the internet the boys doing that for the girls that is so sweet. Makes me cry. Funny I know, but true.