Thursday, June 26, 2014

Schoooool's Out....

Last day of school today!!  Cora finished her last exam yesterday at 11.  The Grade 6 class went on a school camp this week.  Leah didn't want to go, so she hung out with me and helped me be a parent volunteer on a field trip with Blake yesterday.  Today was what I have started calling 'Leah's Non-Grad' and the Elementary final assembly.  I understand the Grad thing.  Moving from one school to another.  So in our case there is a grade 6 and not a grade 9 grad.  Cora had a grad in grade 6.  We have been making plans and getting ready for Leah's when we found out that they were not having one this year.  Disappointed.  There was to be a short farewell as part of the assembly to them.  Leah was devastated just a few days before hand thinking everyone was getting a new dress for the non-grad.  I finally told her I would take her shopping, but gave her a limit I would spend, since I thought it was ridiculous to buy a new dress for 10 mins on stage.
We found this one on sale for one dollar under the limit and it is just BARELY long enough.  Here is Leah all ready for her non-grad.  Blake was very anxious to attend the last day as you can see.:)
Leah had to write down her favorite memories and what she wished for in the future. She mentioned a favorite teacher, Mr. Preb, and memories of school mall, and kindergarten.
Cora made a banner for the first day of summer.  She also hung the chains around the entire front room.

I love how Dave always sits right down with the kids and reads their report cards with them.  I always just read them then say 'wow, that's awesome' or some such.  Dave will call them in and have them go over it together.
Blake's teacher told me today that she had put him down for the writing award.  They receive $10 and a certificate of achievement.  She was then told that our school doesn't give writing awards for Grade 3, just the older classes.  I thought it was nice that he would have received that.  He is an excellent speller.  100% on every test this year.  I don't even think he studied once.  He certainly did not get it from me.

Cora gets her report card Monday.
We received a call from the High School a few days ago, to let us know Cora was getting an award at the ceremony tonight.  We were asked to make sure we could be there.  We had no idea what she was getting.  

She was awarded the Ladies Auxiliary Junior High Scholarship Award.  Only one person in the Junior High was picked for this award. This was given for good leadership in the school and community.  Good academics, and quiet leadership.  Thinking of others and helping those around here. An overall good citizenship award. She was given a nice plaque and $25.

Then she also was awarded the Community Recognition Award.  One person from grade 8 and one from grade 9 where picked.  She received a certificate that says 'This Certificate of Recognition is given in honor and celebration of your contribution to and involvement in our community at a high school level'.  With this she was given an additional $50.  So proud of her!

Sure going to miss these girls!!:(

A few days ago the kids where running in and out grabbing towels and swim suits.  I asked if they were running through the sprinkle.  They said no they were swimming.  Since we don't have a pool I was a little confused and went to investigate.
They got it to fill about 2 inches deep.  Where out there for hours and had so much fun.  My grass did not love it but they sure did.

Cora has discovered my 'To Read Later' board on Pinterest.  I put everything there first until I have a chance to read it and see if it is really something I want to keep.  Every couple of days I will go through it and clean it up.  Cora loves this idea.  She pins tons of stuff there for me to read.  Any funny quote, craft or recipe she thinks is good and want to see if I want.  Sometimes I will have 15 things from her and delete every one.  Yesterday I found this quote and loved it.  "Rabbits jump and they live for 8 years.  Dogs run and they live for 15 years.  Turtles do nothing and they live for 150 years.  Lesson learned."
Happy First Day of Summer!!!


  1. Looks like the kids had a great school year. Congrats to Cora on her awards - good for her!! Enjoy your summer.

  2. Great job Cora!!!!!!! Happy summer!!!

  3. Oh and let Leah know that she gets to have her grad!!! Champion always has a grade nine grad and they go all out!!!!

  4. Yeah for summer. We are beyond excited. Congrats to Cora on her awards. That is pretty awesome:)

  5. Yes, Leah. I personally liked the grade nine grad more than high school grad. So personal and they really do go all out! I love your new dress. It looks great for summer. Cora, way to go!

  6. I quess you know I am anonymous. I tried to say more to Cora,but it wouldn't let me. Your hard work paid off and your personality shone through also! Love grandma P.

  7. Awesome!! Love your kids creativity! Good job Cora and I love the quote